Discover the Secrets of the Japanese Skincare Routine

Ever wondered how Japanese women achieve such radiant and flawless skin? Look no further than their renowned skin care routine. The Japanese have long been revered for their commitment to healthy, glowing skin, and their skin care regimen is a testament to their success. In this guide, we’ll delve into the world of Japanese skin care and unveil the secrets behind their enviable complexion. From multiple cleansing steps to hydrating layers and innovative products, get ready to elevate your skin care game with the wisdom of the Japanese beauty tradition. Let’s embark on this journey together and unlock the secrets to achieving your own picture-perfect skin.

How to Do a Japanese Skincare Routine?

Here are the detailed steps to follow when doing a Japanese skincare routine:

Step 1: Oil Cleanser

  1. Begin by applying a few pumps of oil cleanser onto dry skin.
  2. Massage the oil into your skin for at least one minute to dissolve any makeup, dirt, and impurities.
  3. Rinse your face with lukewarm water and gently pat dry.

Step 2: Foam Cleanser

  1. Apply a pea-sized amount of foam cleanser to your damp skin.
  2. Gently massage the product onto your skin in circular motions for at least one minute.
  3. Rinse your face with lukewarm water and gently pat dry.

Step 3: Toner

  1. Apply a small amount of toner onto a cotton pad.
  2. Gently wipe the cotton pad all over your face and neck.
  3. Allow the toner to fully absorb into your skin before moving on to the next step.

Step 4: Essence

  1. Apply a few drops of essence onto your palms or a cotton pad.
  2. Gently pat the product onto your face and neck until it is fully absorbed.

Step 5: Serum

  1. Apply a few drops of serum onto your palms.
  2. Gently press the product onto your face and neck until it is fully absorbed.

Step 6: Eye Cream

  1. Apply a small amount of eye cream onto your ring finger.
  2. Gently tap the product around the eye area until it is fully absorbed.

Step 7: Moisturizer

  1. Apply a pea-sized amount of moisturizer onto your palms.
  2. Gently massage the product onto your face and neck until it is fully absorbed.

Step 8: Sunscreen

  1. Apply sunscreen as the last step of your skincare routine.
  2. Use a generous amount and apply it all over your face and neck.
  3. Reapply every two hours, especially if you’re spending time outdoors.

Mochi Skin vs. Glass Skin

Mochi Skin

The goal of mochi skin is to have a complexion that is moisturized, bouncy, and plump. The term “mochi hada,” which refers to the very soft and opulent Japanese pastries, literally translates to “rice cake-skin” and refers to smooth, flexible skin. To achieve Mochi skin, follow these tips:

  1. Hydrate your skin with multiple layers of toner, essence, and serum.
  2. Use a moisturizer that contains Hyaluronic Acid to lock in hydration.
  3. Apply a facial oil at night to deeply nourish and hydrate your skin.

Glass Skin

The term “glass skin” first appeared in the K-beauty community and swiftly gained popularity on social media. It’s used to describe skin that is so radiant that it resembles a piece of glass. Follow these recommendations to get Glass skin:

  1. Use a gentle exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and reveal a brighter complexion.
  2. Incorporate Vitamin C into your skincare routine to brighten and even out your skin tone.
  3. Use a lightweight, watery moisturizer that won’t clog your pores and make your skin look greasy.

While Mochi skin focuses on achieving a plump, hydrated complexion, Glass skin focuses on achieving a clear, luminous complexion. However, both trends share the same Japanese skincare principles of hydration and protection.

Best Japanese Skincare Products

Japanese skincare products are known for their high-quality ingredients, gentle formulas, and innovative technologies. Here are some of the best Japanese skincare products to try:

Best Japanese Face Wash

  • Senka Perfect Whip – A foam cleanser that creates a rich lather and cleanses the skin without stripping it of its natural oils.
  • Hada Labo Gokujyun Cleansing Oil – An oil cleanser that effectively removes makeup and impurities while leaving the skin feeling moisturized.
  • Kose Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil – An oil cleanser that gently removes even waterproof makeup and leaves the skin feeling clean and refreshed.

Best Japanese Toner

  • Kikumasamune Sake Skin Lotion High Moisture – A hydrating toner that contains sake, ceramides, and arbutin to brighten and moisturize the skin.
  • Muji Light Toning Water – A lightweight toner that contains natural mineral water and Job’s tears extract to soothe and hydrate the skin.
  • Hada Labo Gokujyun Premium Lotion – A thick, ultra-hydrating toner that contains five types of Hyaluronic Acid to deeply moisturize the skin.

Best Japanese Serum

  • SK-II Facial Treatment Essence – An essence that contains Pitera, a yeast extract that helps to improve the skin’s texture and radiance.
  • Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate – A serum that contains ImuGeneration Technology, which helps to strengthen the skin’s natural defenses and improve its resilience.
  • DHC CoQ10 Lotion – A serum that contains Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamins C and E to brighten and protect the skin from environmental stressors.

Best Japanese Moisturizer

  • Curel Intensive Moisture Cream – A rich, nourishing cream that contains ceramides and eucalyptus extract to deeply moisturize and soothe dry, sensitive skin.
  • Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder – A powder that transforms into a creamy foam when mixed with water, providing gentle exfoliation and leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth.
  • Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioning Gel – A lightweight gel that contains Job’s tears extract to hydrate and soothe the skin without leaving a greasy residue.

Best Japanese Sunscreen

  • Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF50+ PA++++ – A lightweight, watery sunscreen that provides high sun protection without leaving a white cast or feeling sticky.
  • Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Skincare Milk SPF50+ PA++++ – A waterproof sunscreen that contains Aqua Booster EX technology to enhance the product’s UV protection when exposed to water.
  • Kao Biore UV Athlizm Skin Protect Milk SPF50+ PA++++ – A sunscreen that is specifically designed for outdoor activities and sports, providing high sun protection and resistance to sweat and water.

Pros and Cons of Japanese Skincare


  • Focusing on hydration and protection, which are essential for maintaining healthy, radiant skin.
  • High-quality ingredients and innovative technologies.
  • Being simple and easy to follow, making them accessible to everyone.


  • Some products can be expensive, especially those that contain high-quality ingredients.
  • This routine can be time-consuming, especially if you follow a multi-step process.

Tips to Get Radiant, Healthy Skin

Many individuals want to have beautiful, healthy skin, but it may be difficult to know where to begin. The good news is that you may utilize a variety of strategies to enhance the condition and quality of your skin. Here are some of the finest methods for achieving glowing, healthy skin:

Sun protection for your skin: Wear sunscreen every day, even on overcast days, with an SPF of at least 30 to protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays. Additionally, you should wear sun protection such as hats and long sleeve shirts and try to limit the amount of time you spend in the sun, particularly between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm.

Remain hydrated: Aim to consume at least eight glasses of water each day since dehydration may result in dry, dull-looking skin.

Maintain a healthy diet: Foods you consume may have a big influence on your skin’s health and look. To improve your diet, make an effort to eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, and healthy fats. The minerals in these meals are crucial for nourishing your skin from the inside out.

Get adequate sleep: Insufficient sleep may result in dark circles, puffiness, and other skin aging symptoms. For the healthiest appearance of your skin, aim for seven to eight hours of sleep each night.

Regular exercise: Regular exercise helps enhance the oxygenation and blood flow to the skin, which can assist to produce a radiant, healthy complexion.

Smoking is one of the worst things you can do for your skin, so avoid it at all costs. If you smoke, quitting is one of the best things you can do for your skin (and overall health).

Cleanse and moisturize: Use a gentle cleanser to remove dirt and oil from your skin, and follow up with a moisturizer to help lock in hydration. You should also exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin cells and promote cell turnover.

Control your stress: Your body creates cortisol when you’re anxious, which may cause skin problems like inflammation. Try deep breathing exercises, yoga, or meditation to control your tension.

Seek expert help: In certain cases, you may need help from a specialist to have the glowing, healthy skin you want.  Consider seeing a dermatologist or aesthetician for treatments like chemical peels, microdermabrasion, or laser therapy.


In conclusion, achieving healthy, radiant skin is possible with some lifestyle changes and good skincare habits. By protecting your skin from the sun, staying hydrated, following a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, not smoking, cleansing and moisturizing, managing stress, and seeking professional treatments when necessary, you can improve the health and appearance of your skin and feel confident in your own skin.