Eugenia Cooney, a prominent online figure, has sparked discussions due to a noticeable change in her appearance. While some might describe this shift as “spectacular,” it’s been accompanied by ongoing concerns about her health. The question remains: did Eugenia achieve this new look through healthy lifestyle choices?

This topic is sensitive as it touches on body image, health, and the influence of online personalities. Let’s delve deeper to explore the available information and separate speculation from facts surrounding Eugenia Cooney’s health and lifestyle.


Eugenia Cooney is a social media personality and YouTuber known for her content primarily focused on fashion, makeup, and lifestyle. She gained significant attention and controversy due to her extremely thin appearance, which led to concerns about her health and well-being. 


Indeed, there are many controversial opinions about her excessively skinny appearance. Most people agree and feel sorry for her due to her 0% body fat.

“I have wondered this for so long. It is some sort of miracle that she is still alive and it really worries me the influence that her pure survival could have on anyone who struggles with disordered eating. It is not realistic to be starving yourself for so long, be SO underweight, and survive but she is displaying this to a massive following. So so harmful and dangerous.” One reddit user commented.

“I think it’s just chance. I don’t understand either but if she ever decided to recover, no way would she ever be ‘healthy’ or ‘normal’. The damage has been done and I truly think she will never recover at this point. She has to want it herself and no amount of input from anyone else will change her mind. There’s another woman who looks similar if not worse to her who has also been on the internet forever and everyone’s like how is she alive..? Just chance I guess.”

“Yeah, one issue that often accompanies anorexia is organ damage — and sometimes even organ failure — over time. And that goes for damage in major organs, too. Anorexia can actually lead to a variety of abnormalities in the heart especially, and those aren’t ‘t things that have a quick and easy “fix,” if any.

It’s devastating, but her life expectancy is probably forever changed even if she makes some sort of recovery.” Another commented on her health condition.

“It’s 100% chance. I’ve known people with eating disorders at much higher, but still underweight BMIs that have suffered complications.

Look up terry schiavo. She was basically a vegetable after suffering a seizure from low sodium from bulimia and she was NOT underweight” Others commented that she was not underweight at all.

“I feel like that is one of the reasons why her presence online is so dangerous. 99.9% of people who have an ED that get down to that weight rarely ever maintain it for more than a very short time. It’s just way too hard on the mind and body.

I feel like she probably has to take some type of drugs to keep her energy up and maybe IV for hydration/vitamins.”

“As someone recovering from an ED, I can tell you that some people’s bodies adapt to starvation to survive. She has been running on empty for so long and her body is taking every ounce of energy from all of her other systems just to stay alive For me, reaching a level of starvation made me feel like I was going to die within a few months of heavy restriction, and I also had heart problems from it at that time.

Some people who are normal weights die from anorexia, and then there’s people like Eugenia who can run on empty. It blows my mind too, but I think it all comes down to luck. Some might say she is “lucky.” I don’t know if that’s the right word though. She is a testament to the human body doing anything and everything to keep you alive. Her body is trying to save her, I hope one day she can give it that same kindness back. I truly wish the best for her. Her content breaks my heart.”

“I think she is a big exception medically seen. Her hair was/is still long and somewhat thick despite being as underweight as she is. I’ve never seen or heard of someone being as thin as her but survived so long and not dealing with massive hair loss.

I have no doubt that she has health problems but just doesn’t disclose them. The fact that she 99% sure doesn’t have her period because there‘s no fatty tissue to make the hormones has to have consequences on her health. Bone density loss perhaps. In general, you need fatty tissue for storing and producing various hormones. Without them you’d have massive endocrinological issues but it may take a while for them to manifest.” Another person commented that Eugenia is a strange medical case because with a skinny body but her hair still grows long. .

“I truly don’t understand it. One of my friends is battling anorexia, it currently takes a turn for the worse and she’s in the ICU and her organs are failing. And she hasn’t had it anywhere close to 10 years, as far as I’m aware. I don’t understand because Eugenia looks even thinner than my extremeelyyyyyy thin friend But I guess everyone’s bodies are different.”

“She must have a genetically strong heart or something. She’s very problematic but I don’t think her brain is equipped to use best judgment considering she came of age in a state of starvation. I would like to hope things will get better for her but the past 5 years have made me doubtful”

“I am extremely grateful that the most social media I had when I had anorexia was Tumblr. I was exactly where she is and, unfortunately, I was also able to maintain it with almost no health consequences. I’ve recovered about 10 years ago and later found out that people had been using photos that I posted on social media when I was sick as their “thin-spo“ and the amount of guilt, shame, and just generally how bad I feel about potentially contributing to other peoples eating disorders is insurmountable. I have had to block her because I have had to block her because I have so much anger at her for what she could potentially be doing to others, especially young girls. And yes, I know that is probably mostly anger at myself that I am projecting onto her.I also feel very frustrated with the people who validate her on social media… Even just telling her to get help or that she looks sick she is interpreting as praise. That’s just how the brain of an ED person works. I don’t have anything to add, except I wish she was removed from the platform”


YouTuber Eugenia Cooney has been a source of concern for viewers due to her increasingly thin appearance. Many believe she suffers from anorexia, an eating disorder characterized by an unhealthy obsession with weight and body image.

Fans became especially worried when a young viewer reportedly mimicked Eugenia’s appearance and required treatment for anorexia. This led to a petition urging Eugenia to address the issue, though it has since been removed.

Eugenia herself has a complicated history. Bullied as a child, she found solace in social media but her weight became a growing concern as her popularity rose. Despite taking a break in 2019 for treatment, fans fear her condition has worsened and have even contacted authorities.


In Greenwich, Connecticut, police sergeant Brent Reeves finds himself inundated with calls from concerned fans about YouTuber Eugenia Cooney’s health. These calls, originating from places as distant as New Zealand and Egypt, highlight the global reach of Cooney’s influence. A creator since 2011, Cooney has amassed a following of 2 million, yet she remains one of the most polarizing figures on the internet.

Her thin frame, a subject of intense scrutiny and criticism under the phrase “Eugenia Cooney weight,” has sparked alarm among her followers. Many argue that her appearance sets a damaging example for her younger audience. Concerns about her fan community have also surfaced, with allegations of grooming behaviors on her Discord server targeting vulnerable young women.

Speculation surrounding Cooney’s health and well-being has fueled conspiracy theories, including rumors of her demise. However, Sergeant Reeves dismisses these claims, asserting that Cooney is safe and refuting the notion that she is forced by her mother to maintain her slender physique.

Despite persistent concerns, Cooney continues to engage with her audience across platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok. While some fans express worry about her health during live streams, Cooney maintains that she is healthy and downplays the concerns in some of her videos.

Her return to the internet in 2019, following a hiatus for mental health treatment, was met with mixed reactions. Cooney disclosed her struggle with an eating disorder for the first time during this period, receiving both praise and skepticism from her fanbase.

Despite petitions calling for her removal from YouTube, experts suggest that deplatforming Cooney may not be an effective solution. Her ongoing presence on social media underscores the complexity of issues surrounding mental health, body image, and online influence in the digital age.


Eugenia Cooney’s appearance has been a topic of conversation and concern for many years. Here are some images of Eugenia Cooney throughout her career on YouTube:

[Eugenia Cooney early on YouTube]

Eugenia’s early days on YouTube showed her as a slender young woman.

[Eugenia Cooney currently]

Over time, her appearance has become thinner, causing a great deal of worry among her fans. Eugenia cooney before weight loss is still a little girl with a pretty, pregnant face. Over time, due to the fact that she was originally a slim person and too much discussion on the internet, her spirit also deteriorated.


Eugenia Cooney, born Colleen Cooney on July 27, 1994, in Boston, Massachusetts, had her first name changed to Eugenia several months after birth. Throughout her childhood, Cooney faced significant bullying, leading her to switch schools multiple times and eventually attend an online school after her first year of high school. She transferred to Connections Academy and graduated in 2012. Cooney briefly pursued modeling in New York but decided to focus on her online career after feeling overcontrolled and being asked to remove her online presence.

Cooney began her online presence in 2011, starting with livestreaming on YouNow before creating her YouTube channel. Her initial videos quickly gained popularity, amassing over 7.5 million views. Her YouTube content primarily includes clothing hauls, daily life vlogs, cosplay outfits, and makeup tutorials. In 2018, she expanded her online presence to Twitch, where she has over 400,000 followers as of August 2022. Cooney is known for her emo style, featuring extraordinarily long, dark hair, gothic lace dresses, and bold, multi-colored makeup looks.

In addition to her online activities, Cooney starred in the music video for Niki DeMar’s song “Anthem for the Judged” in November 2018. She was also a finalist for “YouTuber of the Year” at the 12th annual Shorty Awards in 2020. Cooney resides with her family in Greenwich, Connecticut, and has also had a residence in Los Angeles, California.


1. What is Eugenia Cooney’s net worth?

$2 million.

2. What town does Eugenia Cooney live?

Cooney lives with her family in Greenwich, Connecticut, and also maintains a residence in Burbank, California.

3. What is Eugenia Cooney’s real name?

Cooney was born as Colleen Cooney, but her first name was changed to Eugenia several months later.


In conclusion, evaluating whether Eugenia Cooney led a healthy lifestyle to achieve her new look necessitates a nuanced consideration of her personal health journey, public statements, and visible transformations. While Cooney’s recent appearance has garnered attention and sparked discussions, it is essential to approach the topic with sensitivity and a focus on well-being rather than aesthetics alone.