David Venable, a well-known host on the QVC shopping network, has gained fame not only for his passion for food and cooking but also for his remarkable weight loss journey. After receiving health warnings from his doctor, David transformed his lifestyle, inspiring many in their weight loss journeys. His transformation was the result of a combination of dietary changes and regular exercise. If you’re curious about his weight loss journey, scroll down to read more information.


David Venable is a well-known American television personality and author, primarily recognized for his role as the host of the popular QVC show “In the Kitchen with David” since 2009. Here’s a summary of his key accomplishments and background:


  • Hosted “In the Kitchen with David” on QVC since 2009, becoming one of the network’s most popular hosts.
  • Known for his engaging personality, product knowledge, and infectious enthusiasm for cooking.
  • Has interviewed numerous celebrity chefs and personalities on his show.


  • Written cookbooks based on his show, such as “In the Kitchen with David: Comfort Food Favorites” and “In the Kitchen with David: Simply Delicious.”
  • His cookbooks offer recipes and cooking tips in a clear and accessible way.


  • Born in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 1964.
  • Studied communications at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
  • Began his career in broadcast journalism before joining QVC in 1993.
  • Initially promoted gourmet food products before gradually transitioning to hosting his own shows.


  • Actively involved in charitable organizations, particularly those supporting children and healthcare.
  • Known for his positive and upbeat demeanor, earning him the nickname “Mr. Sunshine” from viewers.
  • Has a large and dedicated following on social media, further connecting with his audience.

If you’d like to know more about David Venable, you can explore:

  • His website or social media pages for updates and behind-the-scenes content.
  • His cookbooks for delicious recipes and cooking inspiration.
  • QVC’s website to watch episodes of “In the Kitchen with David” or learn more about his work.


Venable transformed his diet by carefully examining his macros. He embraced a low-calorie, low-carb approach to support his weight loss journey, emphasizing the elimination of sugars and carbs from his daily intake. Vigilant monitoring of his consumed items was crucial in maintaining a low-calorie diet, involving dedicated time during grocery runs to scrutinize labels and be mindful of calorie consumption. David achieved an impressive weight loss of over 70 pounds in less than six months, averaging about three pounds per week through gradual adjustments. Despite the difficulty, the concept behind it is relatively straightforward. While not fully ketogenic, the QVC star introduced recipes reminiscent of those found in keto cookbooks. His recent cookbook, “Half Homemade, Fully Delicious,” features over 100 easy-to-prepare healthy meals aimed at aiding.


David embraced a low-carb diet as a crucial element of his weight loss approach, motivated by a doctor’s caution about his elevated risk of heart disease and diabetes due to his weight and family history. The topic of his weight loss journey came up during a Facebook coffee talk when a fan inquired, and he shared that he was recommended to shed 40 pounds.

“I’ve lost 70 pounds in the last five or six months with low-carb and low-sugar and working out on the treadmill.” – David Venable 

The initial and most valuable advice he received was to transition to a low-sugar and overall low-carb diet, a method supported by studies for achieving sustainable weight loss. Starting his weight loss journey, he began with careful research into low-carb dieting, taking it one step at a time. The first significant hurdle he conquered was eliminating sugar, a crucial step towards sustainable weight loss. David’s fitness regimen comprises regular treadmill sessions, yoga, and strength training—a combination that efficiently burns calories. The success of David Venable’s weight loss is likely attributed to his ability to overcome mental challenges by setting goals, seeking support, implementing motivation strategies, and addressing emotional eating.

This psychological aspect is crucial, as it involves not only understanding what needs to be done but also summoning the mental strength and resilience to consistently follow through.

David finds enjoyment in walking and keeps treadmill workouts interesting by incorporating games like solitaire. Despite its simplicity, a consistent theme in various videos is his dedication to daily physical activity as a crucial aspect of his weight loss journey.


No, QVC Host David Venable did not undergo weight loss surgery. He successfully reached his healthy weight goals in a relatively short period by implementing small yet significant changes to his lifestyle, in line with the principles outlined in his “Half Homemade, Fully Delicious” recipes. Despite initial rumors circulating about his weight loss, he remained tight-lipped until fans began inquiring, prompting him to address the speculations. The amount of weight he shed is considered achievable through a combination of diet and exercise.


David Venable’s weight loss journey is marked by a commendable transformation achieved through mindful dietary adjustments and a commitment to living a healthier lifestyle. By adopting a low-calorie, low-carb diet and incorporating regular exercise, Venable has not only shed over 70 pounds but also shared his experiences and cooking recipes with others through his cookbook “Half Homemade, Complete Delicious.” His success serves as inspiration for others, with figures like Josh Peck and David Goggins proving that sustainable weight loss is attainable through small yet impactful lifestyle changes.


  1. How much is David Venable net worth?

Estimates of David Venable’s net worth is $1 million. 

  1. Who is David Venable’s wife?

He does not have a wife. 

  1. What is David Venable’s weight and height?

David Venable is 6 feet 6 inches tall.