Billy Gardell is an American stand-up comedian and actor who recently underwent an incredible weight transformation. Many fans were in awe because he lost so much weight after the COVID-19 pandemic. Billy Gardell has lost 150 pounds since the beginning of the pandemic, and he’s ready to open up about what motivated his health transformation. If you’re curious about his weight loss journey, read our article for more details.


Billy Gardell, a prominent American actor and stand-up comedian, gained recognition for his role as Mike Biggs in the CBS sitcom Mike & Molly. Starting his career in stand-up comedy, he caught the attention of comedian Dennis Miller, leading to a role in the film Bad Santa. Gardell’s standout performance in Mike & Molly earned him accolades, including an Emmy nomination and a People’s Choice Award. He continued his success with the CBS sitcom Bob Hearts Abishola and made notable film appearances. Beyond entertainment, Gardell is also an author, with his memoir “Grunts and Growls: The Untold Story of a Stand-Up Comedian” published in 2017. His versatility extends to television talk shows, where he has appeared on various popular programs.


Billy Gardell successfully shed a remarkable 150 lbs (63.5 kgs) through a combination of diet, exercise, and surgery. His transformative journey, however, faced significant challenges rooted in unhealthy food habits ingrained during his upbringing. Gardell candidly shared that the mental aspect of achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle posed one of the most formidable barriers to his overall weight loss. Overcoming deep-seated conditioning from his past, such as the habit of smoking cigarettes, was crucial in shedding pounds. Gardell acknowledged the need to address aspects he had initially overlooked. He opened up about his upbringing, revealing that he grew up in a family where turning to food to cope with a bad day was the norm. Over time, this relationship with food evolved into a serious addiction, leading him to adopt unhealthy habits like wearing “fat boy pants.”

I can personally relate to Gardell’s experience, as food served as a source of comfort during challenging times in my own upbringing. Breaking free from such a ingrained cycle is undeniably difficult, but recognizing the emotional ties to food is the crucial first step toward lasting change. Gardell’s journey serves as a powerful reminder of the complex interplay between emotional well-being and physical health in the quest for weight loss.


Billy Gardel embarked on his weight loss journey due to the escalating risks associated with his diabetes, unfavorable blood numbers, and obesity-related illnesses. Motivated by a desire to bid farewell to an unhealthy lifestyle, Gardel committed himself to a new phase of enhanced health and well-being. Following a diabetes diagnosis, he took proactive steps by enlisting the guidance of a personal trainer and collaborating with health experts from CBS. Through a structured diet and exercise routine, he successfully shed over 100 pounds.

Beyond the evident health advantages, Gardell’s profound motivation for this transformative journey was deeply personal. His primary goal was to set a positive example for his son, highlighting the importance of health and longevity. Gardell’s dedication to being present for his son’s life milestones underscores the powerful inspiration that comes from loved ones. Despite achieving significant weight loss, Gardell remains candid about his ongoing challenges, particularly his struggle with smoking cigarettes. This openness serves as a reminder that personal growth is a continuous journey, and everyone faces their own set of challenges.


While the specifics of Billy Gardell’s workout routine were not disclosed, he placed significant emphasis on self-care throughout his weight loss journey. He adhered to a plan curated by his fitness trainer, a key factor in his remarkable transformation. Although the exact details of his workout regimen are not public knowledge, we can make informed assumptions. Considering Gardell’s initial heavy-set condition, it’s plausible that his routine involved low-impact cardio exercises like brisk walking to facilitate fat burning. Weight training might have been another component to build muscle mass and boost daily calorie expenditure. Post-surgery, his workouts may have transitioned to a lighter version of his previous routine, with regular walking remaining a fundamental element. Guided by a dedicated fitness trainer, Gardell successfully achieved impressive weight loss results, completely transforming his body and enhancing his overall health. For those looking to expedite their fat loss journey, incorporating top-grade fat burners for men is also recommended.


Billy Gardell’s diet routine was both simple and health-conscious, featuring lean meats, vegetables, and carbohydrate sources such as rice and oatmeal. Notably, he consciously avoided high-calorie options like white bread during dinner to prevent spikes in blood glucose levels. Reflecting on my own health journey, I found success by adopting a similar dietary approach, focusing on lean proteins, vegetables, and wholesome carbs like oatmeal. Gardell’s weight gain had roots in unhealthy eating habits, smoking, and drinking. His initial step towards weight loss involved eliminating these detrimental habits, setting the stage for a transformative mindset. By abandoning unhealthy foods and lifestyle choices, Gardell laid the foundation for his commitment to fitness, becoming a strong advocate for self-care. This shift marked the beginning of his weight loss journey, reinforcing the belief in the power of mindful choices and a holistic approach to health.


Yes, Billy Gardell did undergo weight loss surgery in July 2020. It was a gastric bypass surgery, which is a commonly used procedure for people with obesity, especially when lifestyle changes haven’t been enough to manage their weight. He had been considering the surgery for a while, but it was the COVID-19 pandemic that finally pushed him to go through with it. As he explained in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, “I had all the markers except ‘over 65.’ I had a full bingo card.”


In summary, Billy Gardell’s weight loss journey is a testament to the transformative power of dedication, self-care, and a commitment to health. Overcoming deeply ingrained unhealthy habits and addressing mental aspects for overall well-being, Gardell successfully shed a significant 140 pounds through a combination of diet, exercise, and surgery. His dedication to a healthier lifestyle not only manifests in a physical transformation but also serves as a notable example of personal growth and happiness. Thanks to his efforts, many, like Jorge Garcia, have found inspiration and motivation.


  1. Apart from acting, what other pursuits is Billy Gardell known for?
    Apart from acting, Billy Gardell is known for his pursuits in stand-up comedy and writing. He has also authored a memoir titled “Grunts and Growls: The Untold Story of a Stand-Up Comedian,” showcasing his talent and experiences beyond the realm of acting.

2. Which television talk shows has Billy Gardell appeared on?

Billy Gardell has appeared on television talk shows such as The Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

3. Can you name some films in which Billy Gardell has appeared?

Some films in which Billy Gardell has appeared include “You, Me, and Dupree,” “Avenging Angelo,” and “Dragon Wars.”