Living in a world where beauty standards are ever-evolving, Ashley Graham has emerged as an influential role model for women, advocating for the acceptance of natural curves within the fashion industry. Renowned for gracing the pages of prestigious magazines like Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, and Vogue, Graham has not only excelled as a full-figured lingerie and swimsuit model but has also ventured into diverse realms such as writing and podcasting. Notably, she made history as the first plus-size model featured in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue. Despite her celebrated curves, recent pictures reveal a slimmer body, piquing the curiosity of her fans about the secrets behind her transformation. This post unveils Ashley Graham’s weight loss secrets and how you can apply them to your own journey. Scroll down to discover more!


Ashley Graham is a multifaceted individual who has achieved success in the world of modeling, television, and activism.


  • Plus-size Pioneer: She is one of the most prominent plus-size models in the industry, breaking size barriers and paving the way for greater body inclusivity.
  • Magazine Covers: Graced the covers of prestigious magazines like Vogue, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, Glamour, and Elle.
  • Runway Presence: Walked for renowned designers like Michael Kors, Christian Siriano, and Dolce & Gabbana.
  • Lingerie & Swimwear: Known for her work with brands like Lane Bryant, Swimsuits for All, and her own lingerie line.


  • Judge on “America’s Next Top Model”: Appeared as a judge on the reality show, advocating for diverse representation in the modeling industry.
  • Host of “Pretty Big Deal”: Fronted her own YouTube series featuring interviews with inspiring figures.
  • Guest appearances: Participated in various talk shows and documentaries, sharing her insights on body positivity and self-acceptance.


  • Body Positivity Advocate: Vocal champion for body positivity and self-love, encouraging individuals to embrace their bodies regardless of size or shape.
  • Founder of the National Curves Day: Launched this initiative to celebrate body diversity and empower individuals to feel confident in their skin.
  • Speaks at conferences and events: Shares her experiences and messages about body acceptance and self-love on various platforms.


  • Influential Figure: Ashley Graham is a powerful role model who has challenged traditional beauty standards and advocated for inclusivity in fashion and beyond.
  • Multifaceted Career: Succeeded in modeling, television, and activism, using her platform to spread positive messages and inspire others.
  • Passionate Advocate: Dedicated to promoting body positivity, self-acceptance, and celebrating diversity.


Ashley Graham surprised her fans with a recent Instagram post showcasing a different look after her weight loss. The video captured her confident stride down a hotel hallway, accompanied by the song “All Eyes on Me,” while she adorned a stunning see-through dress that accentuated her transformed figure. Then, she attended the Cannes Film Festival in France, further drawing attention to her notable changes within just 8 weeks. This sparked curiosity about Ashley Graham’s weight loss journey and dietary choices, leading to speculation about a potential shift from her body positivity advocacy.

Upon closer examination of recent photos compared to older ones from a previous photoshoot, it becomes evident that her overall appearance hasn’t undergone a drastic transformation. It seems that Ashley gained weight during pregnancy and then dedicated efforts to shed it, adopting a normal and health-conscious approach. Postpartum weight retention can be a significant predictor of obesity in later life, carrying long-term health consequences for women. Similar to Ashley Graham, addressing this effectively involves incorporating a balanced diet and regular workouts. Now, let’s delve into the details of her diet and workout routines to gain insights into her transformation.


Ashley Graham follow a straightforward and nutritious diet to support her weight loss objectives, emphasizing fresh fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats. She incorporates these choices into most of her meals while allowing occasional cheat meals for indulgence.

Breakfast – Ashley favors green juice as her go-to health booster in the mornings, featuring a blend of kale, spinach, beets, lemon, ginger, apple, and parsley.

Lunch – She enjoys a substantial green salad packed with protein-rich ingredients such as quinoa, tomatoes, avocado, carrots, and various leafy greens, with pesto sauce as her preferred dressing. Additionally, she likes brown rice and quinoa with vegetables and tahini.

Snacks – Quick and convenient snacks for Ashley include apples and bananas, especially during a quick trip. When experiencing an afternoon energy dip, she indulges in a few squares of super-dark chocolate.

Dinner – Ashley strategically avoids consuming meat until dinner to manage digestion and ensure quality sleep. For dinner, she relishes baked salmon or meat paired with arugula and sweet potato. Starchy foods like sweet potatoes, alongside lightly sautéed vegetables with olive oil or chicken paired with Brussels sprouts, are among her dinner choices.

While maintaining a balanced diet, Ashley allows herself occasional indulgences, including mac and cheese, pizza crust dipped in Nutella, or mashed potatoes. Her trainer ensures she engages in intense workouts at least three times a week, providing flexibility in her food choices. Continue reading to explore more about her complementary workout routine.


Ashley Graham advocates for maintaining an active lifestyle even after childbirth. Contrary to societal ideals that often prioritize thinness, Ashley places emphasis on fitness rather than conforming to specific body sizes.

Gym Workouts – Ashley adheres to a consistent gym routine, working out 3 to 5 times a week under the guidance of a professional trainer. Her regimen includes high-intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises like lunges, burpees, jumping squats, scissor legs, ball smash, and jackknifes, targeting both lower and upper limbs. Strength training exercises, such as planks, push-ups, sledgehammer swings, barbell squats, double band sumo deadlifts, and resistance band hip thrusts, complement her routine.

Yoga – A yoga enthusiast, Ashley practiced prenatal yoga during pregnancy and continued incorporating it into her postpartum workout routine. Vlog episodes featuring her husband Justin Ervin showcase their joint yoga sessions, exploring classic poses and engaging in upper and lower-body yoga.

Kickboxing – Ashley’s preferred exercise includes kickboxing, providing benefits such as calorie burning, enhanced reaction time, and strengthened muscles and bones. Despite her initial aversion to running, she surprised herself by participating in a 5k marathon, underscoring her commitment to an active lifestyle. Juggling the responsibilities of raising three kids and managing her career, she incorporates kickboxing, HIIT, and yoga into her routine. Ashley highlights the importance of consistency, advocating for the variation of exercises to gradually tone all muscles, emphasizing the significance of taking it one day at a time.


After Ashley Graham’s red carpet appearance in 2023, various speculations and rumors surfaced on the internet, suggesting the possibility of weight loss surgery. However, there is no definitive evidence or official statements from Ashley regarding any such surgical procedures. What holds true is her dedication to a balanced and healthy diet, along with her consistent high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout routine, which has played a significant role in her successful weight loss.


The photos showcasing Ashley Graham’s before and after weight loss serve as undeniable evidence of her remarkable transformation.


Ashley Graham’s journey of weight loss challenges the notion that being larger equates to being unfit. In her roles as a model, mother, and advocate for body positivity, she shatters stereotypes, emphasizing that health and fitness transcend size. Ashley’s story teaches us that well-being and confidence aren’t dictated by the numbers on a scale.  


  1. What dress size is Ashley Graham?

Currently signed to IMG models, Graham is a US size 12/UK size 16 model, designer and activist.

  1. How much did Ashley Graham’s twins weigh?

The average birth weight of full-term twins is around five-and-a-half pounds.

  1. How long did Ashley Graham carry her twins?

The 34-year-old model announced in a Jan. 1 Instagram post that she reached “full term” as she marked 40 weeks of carrying her and husband Justin Ervin’s twin sons.