Ariana Grande Hair Down Photos: A Look at Her Iconic Styles

Ariana Grande is known for her signature high ponytail that has become a part of her brand. “I’m [just] supposed to have a high pony, you know? Some things are just meant to be and this is [just] one of those things,” the singer once tweeted. However, there are rare occasions when she has worn her hair down, and it has always been a showstopper. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most memorable times when Ariana Grande has worn her hair down.

Thank U, Next Music Video

In the music video for Ariana Grande’s hit song “Thank U, Next,” she wore her hair down in loose waves. The style was both elegant and youthful, and it perfectly complemented her stunning vocals. The look was so iconic that it even inspired Halloween costumes and became a popular hairstyle trend among her fans.

Ariana’s hairstylist, Josh Liu, revealed that they wanted to create a relaxed and effortless hairstyle for the video. He said, “We went with a texture that had a lived-in vibe, but still felt glamorous.” To achieve the look, he used a 1-inch curling iron to create soft waves and finished with hairspray to hold the style in place.

2019 Grammy Awards

At the 2019 Grammy Awards, Ariana Grande wore her hair in a half-up, half-down style. The look was a departure from her usual high ponytail and showed off her natural beauty. The hairstyle was both sophisticated and sexy, and it perfectly matched her stunning custom-made Zac Posen ball gown.

Ariana’s hairstylist, Josh Liu, revealed that they wanted to create a classic and timeless hairstyle for the Grammys. He said, “We really wanted to create something that would stand the test of time and not be too trendy.”

Sweetener World Tour Performance

During her Sweetener World Tour performance in 2019, Ariana Grande wore her hair in loose curls. The hairstyle was both playful and feminine, and it perfectly suited her energetic performance. The look was a departure from her usual high ponytail and showed off her versatility as an artist.

Ariana’s hairstylist, Josh Liu, revealed that they wanted to create a fun and playful hairstyle for the tour. He said, “We wanted to create something that would match the energy of Ariana’s performances and make her feel confident on stage.”

British Vogue Interview

In an interview with British Vogue, Ariana Grande wore her hair in a sleek bun. The hairstyle was both elegant and modern, and it showed off her edgy side. The look was a departure from her usual high ponytail and showed off her versatility as a fashion icon.

Ariana’s hairstylist, Josh Liu, revealed that they wanted to create a chic and sophisticated hairstyle for the interview. He said, “We wanted to create something that would be timeless and classic, but also have a bit of edge to it.”

Rain on Me Music Video

In a fleeting moment of the choreography, a surprising hair exchange takes place between the two pop icons. Lady Gaga briefly dons Grande’s recognizable half-up ponytail, while even more astonishingly, Grande lets her hair cascade in waist-length waves. Upon closer inspection, it becomes evident that both artists sport lavender streaks in their hair, complemented by white floating eyeliner that aligns with the music video’s visual theme.

Witnessing the “God Is a Woman” artist with her hair flowing down is an exceptionally uncommon sight, making it genuinely surprising.

The Voice US 2021

In the realm of making viral waves with a mere hairstyle change, Ariana Grande stands out as one of those remarkable individuals. During an episode of The Voice USA, where she serves as a coach, the songstress made a departure from her customary high, voluminous ponytail, opting for a more refined look. This shift generated a significant buzz among Arianators on Twitter, to put it mildly. Deviating from her typical half-updo or hair extension-enhanced ponytail, Ariana allowed her glossy brunette locks to cascade in a straight fashion. Adorned with a deep side part, she neatly tucked the left side of her fringe behind her ears, revealing a whole new facet of the Positions singer’s appearance.

Wimbledon Men’s Final on July 16, 2023

For a change, Grande opted to set aside her signature ponytail and embraced a different style – long, cascading blonde curls that elegantly drape over her shoulder and down her back. Her transformation into Glinda the Good Witch for the upcoming Wicked movie musical might explain her blonde locks, which have shifted from a light vanilla shade to a warmer honey hue over the past year. 

Beneath a white Wimbledon baseball cap, her hair flowed freely, shielded from the sun. Complementing her look were Oz-inspired green circular sunglasses, subtly lined eyes, pale blonde brows, a hint of contour, and a touch of highlighter on her nose tip, along with a soft pink lip. Staying true to her current preference, her nails boasted a French manicure, a style she has frequently adorned in recent months.

Final Thoughts

Ariana Grande’s hair is a source of great pride for her, and she knows how to wear it to her advantage. She has experimented with a variety of hairstyles over the years, from the iconic high ponytail to loose waves, half-up, half-down style, and even a sleek bun. Her versatility as an artist is reflected in her hairstyles, and she knows how to adapt her look to any occasion.

Whether she’s wearing her hair up or down, Ariana Grande always looks amazing. She has become a role model for young girls who are learning to love their own hair and embrace their unique style. Her iconic hairstyles have inspired Halloween costumes, beauty trends, and fashion statements, making her one of the most influential celebrities in the world of hair and beauty.