Above the Knee Tattoo: What You Need to Know Before Getting Inked

Getting a tattoo is perhaps one of the best forms of self-expression. It allows people to enhance their physical appearance but also helps them to feel more comfortable in their skin.

While most tattoos have been associated with rebelliousness, on the other end of the spectrum lies a series of tattoos that are as delicate as the skin itself. One of them is called above the knee tattoo, a design that is taking the town by storm. The design has gained popularity as a unique and eye-catching way to show off their body art. In this article, we will help you find out more about it before deciding whether you should have a tattoo above the knee or not. 

What is Above the Knee Tattoo?

Above the knee tattoo has become increasingly viral in recent years. People tend to come upon new and unique methods to show themselves more through tattoos. The tattoo is located on the upper thigh, just above the knee, and comes in different sizes and designs. 

 It symbolizes growth, freedom, and healing. It is widely obtained by those that are either looking for guidance or being struggled in their life.

The Insane Popularity

Nowadays, more and more people are obsessed with this tattoo. Maybe it’s because the above the knee tattoo is a good idea to show off body art when wearing short bottoms, which makes them an ideal option for those who want to flaunt their tattoos. In addition, it is easy to get a variety of design choices in this area, which might be tailored to suit your liking to express the individuality of the wearer.

The rising trend of delicate and complex tattoo designs is also the reason why it is getting so famous. This tattoo is suitable for these kinds of designs. We can say that a smaller and more detailed tattoo can be easily hidden when they feel like need to. However, due to the sensitiveness of the area, traditional tattoos black and white are preferred to lessen the painful feeling when getting a tattoo.

We cannot mention the existence of social media as it is one of the most important elements added to the current fame of the knee tattoo. Through such platforms as Instagram and Pinterest, people find it easy to explore many unique tattoo designs. On top of that, their personal tattoo might be widely spread to other users. From that, a community of tattoo lovers is created, consisting of those who are desired to discover new tattoo designs, including above the knee tattoo.

Some Knee Tattoo Design Recommendations

Those listed tattoo designs are just for you to take into consideration, the most important thing is whether you like it or not. Remember it is something that expresses yourself and you are willing to do it, not you are being forced to do. 

And now, there are several knee tattoos for men and so do women below. Let’s choose the suitable one for you. 

Men Above The Knee Tattoo

Photo from tattoogrid

Why not contemplate the above the knee tattoo words design? Not only does it look absolutely dashing on the upper half of the body, but a quoted tattoo also seems lovely when placed above the knee. Each letter looks dense, as well as appears louder than usual when placed above the knee.

Moreover, when choosing a design for this tattoo, make sure to pick a quote that can show certain sides of your personality. Add frames alongside each end so that you can add to the aesthetic appeal.

Photo from fashionactivation

A minimal design is also a good idea for those who prefer something more minimalistic. It will be well suited to every style and outfit. Besides it is hard to notice so if necessary, you can hide it without any difficulties. 

Birth Year Tattoo

Photo from soxy

Having your birth year above the knee is also a good option for those who value the day they were born. Consider reserving this location for truly meaningful inkings due to its high sensitivity, it should be reserved for truly meaningful inkings

Healing and Aftercare for Tattoo

Proper aftercare instructions are important. They assure that the new ink would heal and have the best appearance. After getting a tattoo, the possibility of being infected is much higher as the area now is really sensitive. Bear in mind that keeping it clean is a must when tattoo care first 48 hours. Also, remember to avoid touching it with dirty hands so as not to get stained. The healing stages for a tattoo last up to 3 weeks. During the process, the skin will scab and come off gradually. It is a sign of tattoo healing. Don’t forget to avoid picking at the peeling skin, since doing it can harm the tattoo and increase the possibility of infection. 

Also, make sure to moisturize the new tattoo every day. The more moisturized the skin is, the less scabbing it gets. Scabbing would obstruct the wound-healing process. The recommended product for you is Hustle Butter tattoo balm. 


Aside from following proper aftercare instructions, be alerted of some likely hazards such as infection, allergic reactions, and scarring. Follow those tips so I can make sure that your tattoo will be healed as quickly as possible and is ready to present to the world!

Does Tattoo Hurt? 

Getting ink absolutely hurts, however, pain tolerance and the part being tattooed can affect the experience. Take a quick look at the following tattoo pain chart before your next tattoo. 

Tattoo Pain Chart Female 

Photo from healthline

Biological females are likely to experience a lower pain tolerance. The ribs bear the worst pain and the shoulder is the least painful placement. Women experience less pain with head tattoos, butt tattoos, and back-of-the-leg tattoos.

Tattoo Pain Chart Male

Photo from healthline

While there is no way to assume that biological males can handle the tattoo pains better than biological females, some studies seem to imply this. The tattoo pain chart male shows that they experience more pain when having foot tattoos, head tattoos, butt tattoos, and back-of-the-leg tattoos. However, men appear to undergo less pain in their back, chest areas, and fingers.

In general, getting an above the knee tattoo can be a very great way for whom want to express themselves and their personal color. Yet, there are many important elements to carefully contemplate before getting body art. These comprise the design and area of the tattoo, healing and aftercare instructions, and possible damage. When have awareness of these factors and follow aftercare instructions properly, you can have the best tattoo experience ever.

After reading the article, are you interested in getting new ink on your knee? The tattoo is the reflection of your strength, courage, and creativity. So embrace your ink and wear it proudly – after all, it is a symbol of your unique and beautiful story.