2023 Guide to Using Copper Hair Dye on Dark Hair

Embracing a new hair color can be a transformative experience, and for those with dark hair, the allure of copper shades holds a special charm. Copper hair dye for dark hair has gained immense popularity for its ability to infuse warmth, vibrancy, and a touch of whimsy into even the deepest of locks. Whether you’re aiming for a subtle hint of coppery radiance or a bold and brilliant transformation, this guide is here to walk you through the journey of achieving stunning copper tones on dark hair. From essential preparation steps to choosing the right shade and maintaining the longevity of your new look, we’ll cover it all. Say goodbye to hair color monotony and hello to the captivating world of copper hues that are bound to turn heads and leave you feeling utterly radiant.

Benefits of Copper Hair Dye

Copper hair dye offers numerous benefits, particularly for those with dark hair looking to add warmth, dimension, and intensity to their locks. Let’s explore some of the advantages of using copper hair dye:


Copper hair dye suits a wide range of skin tones and complements various eye colors, making it a versatile choice for individuals with dark hair.


The rich and vibrant tones of copper hair dye instantly transform your hair, adding a striking and head-turning element to your overall look.


Copper hair dye creates depth and dimension, enhancing the natural highlights and lowlights in dark hair, resulting in a multi-tonal effect.

Low Damage

 Many copper hair dyes are formulated to be gentle on the hair, minimizing damage and reducing the risk of breakage or dryness.

Choosing the Right Shade of Copper

When selecting a copper hair dye for dark hair, it’s crucial to choose the right shade to suit your skin tone and desired outcome. Consider the following factors before making your decision:


Copper hair dyes come in various undertones, such as golden, red, or orange. Determine which undertone best complements your complexion and personal style. If you have warm undertones, a golden copper shade may be the ideal choice, while cooler undertones may pair well with a reddish copper hue.


Decide on the level of intensity you want for your copper hair. If you prefer a more subtle look, opt for a lighter shade with a lower concentration of red or orange pigments. For a bold and intense transformation, choose a deep and vivid copper shade.

Professional Help vs. DIY

If you’re new to coloring your hair or unsure about achieving the desired results, it may be wise to seek professional help from a salon. Hair stylists can guide you in choosing the right copper shade and ensure proper application, resulting in a flawless outcome. However, if you are confident in your abilities, there are plenty of high-quality at-home copper hair dye options available.

Application Techniques 


Start by preparing your hair for the dyeing process. Wash your hair thoroughly and avoid using any styling products or conditioners that may create a barrier between the hair and the dye.


Divide your hair into manageable sections using clips or hair ties. This ensures even distribution of the dye throughout your hair.

Protective Measures

Apply petroleum jelly or a similar product along your hairline, ears, and neck to prevent the dye from staining your skin.

Mixing the Dye

Follow the instructions provided with your chosen copper hair dye to mix it properly. Wear gloves to protect your hands during this process.


Starting from the roots and working towards the ends, apply the dye evenly to each section of hair. Make sure to saturate the hair fully for consistent color.

Processing Time

Leave the dye on for the recommended processing time as specified by the manufacturer. This allows the color to develop and adhere properly to your hair.

Rinsing and Conditioning

Once the processing time is complete, rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water until the water runs clear. Apply a color-safe conditioner to nourish and hydrate your hair.

Tips for Maintaining Your Hair Color

Color-Safe Shampoo and Conditioner

Use a shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for color-treated hair to prevent fading and maintain the vibrancy of your copper shade.

Limited Washing

Avoid over-washing your hair, as this can strip away the color. Opt for dry shampoo or alternate washing days to preserve your copper hue.

Heat Protection

Shield your hair from excessive heat styling by applying a heat protectant spray before using any hot tools.

Sun Protection

Prolonged sun exposure can cause color fading. Protect your hair by wearing a hat or using UV protection sprays when exposed to direct sunlight.

Regular Touch-ups

Copper hair dye may require regular touch-ups to maintain its vibrancy. Schedule appointments with your hairstylist or set aside time for at-home touch-ups to keep your color looking fresh.

Avoid Chlorine

Chlorine can cause copper hair color to fade or even turn green. Before swimming, wet your hair and apply a leave-in conditioner or wear a swim cap to protect your color.

Deep Conditioning Treatments

Treat your hair to regular deep conditioning treatments to keep it healthy and moisturized. This helps prevent dryness and maintains the integrity of your copper hair color.

Do not Harsh Styling Products

Some hair styling products contain harsh chemicals that can strip away your hair color. Opt for gentle and sulfate-free products to preserve your vibrant copper hue.

Protective Hairstyles

When engaging in activities that may cause excessive friction or damage to your hair, consider wearing protective hairstyles like braids or updos. This reduces the risk of color fading or breakage.

Best Copper Hair Dye Products

L’Oréal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Permanent Hair Color, C74 Intense Copper:

This hair dye offers a multi-faceted shimmering effect, creating dynamic and vibrant copper tones. It’s known for its long-lasting results and ease of application.

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Nourishing Hair Color Creme, B4 Caramel Chocolate:

While not a traditional “copper” shade, this warm caramel chocolate color provides a beautiful copper undertone that works well on darker hair. It’s praised for its nourishing formula that leaves hair soft and shiny.

Schwarzkopf Simply Color Permanent Hair Color, 7.5 Almond Brown:

Another versatile option, this almond brown shade contains copper undertones that add warmth and dimension to dark hair. It’s free from ammonia, silicone, and alcohol, making it a gentler choice.

Manic Panic High Voltage Classic Cream Formula Hair Color, Electric Tiger Lily:

Manic Panic is known for its bold and vibrant hair colors. Electric Tiger Lily is a vivid copper shade that offers intense results, perfect for those who want to make a statement.

Joico Intensity Semi-Permanent Hair Color, Fiery Coral:

If you’re looking for a temporary option, Joico’s Fiery Coral is a semi-permanent color that can be used to create striking copper hues. It’s ideal for experimentation without a long-term commitment.


Copper hair dye offers an exciting opportunity to transform dark hair into a head-turning and vibrant shade. By selecting the right shade, following proper application techniques, and maintaining your color with care, you can rock stunning copper locks. Remember to consult a professional if needed and invest in quality hair care products. So, embrace the warmth and allure of copper hair dye for dark hair and enjoy the compliments that come with your new look!