Choosing the right sunglasses can be tricky, but it’s especially important for those with round faces. Sunglasses that aren’t the right fit can make your face appear even rounder. The good news is that there are a number of flattering styles out there for round faces. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the 15 best sunglasses for round faces!


There are two main ways to figure out if you have a round face shape: visually analyzing your features and by taking some simple measurements.

Visual Clues:

  • Rounded Hairline and Jawline: This is the key feature. Unlike a square jawline with sharp angles, a round jawline curves softly. The same goes for the hairline, which will have a gentle arch rather than a straight line across the forehead.
  • Cheekbones are Widest Part of Face: Imagine dividing your face horizontally. The fullest part should be around your cheeks.
  • Equal Face Width and Length: A round face tends to be short and wide, with similar measurements for both dimensions.

Taking Measurements:

  • Length vs Width: Grab a ruler or tape measure. Measure the distance from the center of your hairline to the tip of your chin (length). Then, measure from one cheekbone to the other (width). If the measurements are very close, there’s a good chance you have a round face.

For added confirmation, you can also measure the width of your forehead.  On a round face, the forehead width should be similar to the jawline width.


When you have a round face, the goal with sunglasses is to add definition and balance. Here are some tips for choosing flattering shapes:

  • Go Angular: Look for frames with sharp edges and contrasting lines. Square and rectangular frames are classic choices for round faces because they add width and definition to your jawline.
  • Oversized Options: Oversized sunglasses can work well for round faces, but make sure the frame isn’t perfectly round. Choose a wider frame or one with a straight browline to add some angles.
  • Cat-Eye Magic: Cat-eye sunglasses are another great pick. The upswept points at the outer corners help to elongate your face and add a touch of glamour.
  • Think Wayfarers: Wayfarer sunglasses are a versatile option that can flatter round faces. These have a trapezoidal shape, with the top of the frame being wider than the bottom.
  • Aviator Appeal: Aviator sunglasses can also work well, especially if you choose a wider frame or one with a straight browline.
  • Statement Piece: Don’t be afraid to try statement sunglasses with geometric shapes or bold colors. Just make sure the frame has angles to balance your round features.

Shapes to Avoid:  Generally, you want to avoid sunglasses that mimic the roundness of your face.  So skip perfectly round frames, small or narrow frames, and sunglasses that sit too high on your cheekbones.



Two-tone square sunglasses are a trendy take on the classic square frame. They offer a fresh twist by combining two different colors in the frame itself. This creates a unique and eye-catching look. The two tones can be a bold contrast, like black and red, or a more subtle combination, like brown and tortoiseshell.

Two-tone square sunglasses are a versatile choice that can complement a variety of styles. They can add an edgy touch to a casual outfit or a polished look to a more formal ensemble. Plus, the square shape itself flatters rounder face shapes by adding definition and balancing out the curves.  So, if you’re looking for a stylish and flattering pair of sunglasses, two-tone squares are definitely worth considering.


Cat-eye sunglasses are a perfect choice for adding some glamour and definition to a round face. The key is in the shape itself. The upswept points on the outer edges of the frame, also known as the “wings,” create a lifting effect that elongates the face and balances out the round curves.  This gives the illusion of a slimmer, more sculpted look.

Look for cat-eye styles with sharp angles and a wider browline for the most flattering effect.  These will further enhance the counterbalancing effect and prevent the glasses from mimicking the roundness of your face.  Cat-eye sunglasses come in a variety of materials and colors, so you can find a pair that complements your personal style and adds a touch of sophistication to your look.


Most of the best sunglasses for round faces are square, as geometric shapes add strong, angular lines to the face, creating a contrast effect that helps visually zoom out and define your features. Dark colors and thicker frames will amplify that effect, making your face look sharper. By adding weight and structure, these sunglasses help balance the soft curves of round faces for a more balanced and sleek look. For added style, consider pairing these glasses with a blanket scarf. You’re sure to be pleased


Retro browline sunglasses can be tricky for round faces because they often have a curved browline that matches the roundness of your face. But don’t give up hope! There are ways they might still look good on you.

First, look for modern versions of this style. Some have straighter browlines or a keyhole bridge that can add angles to your face, which is flattering for round shapes. Second, pay attention to the material of the frames. Thicker, darker frames made from materials like acetate can add definition to your face and balance out your features. Lastly, make sure you get the right size. Avoid really round frames. Instead, go for slightly wider frames or ones with a browline that’s more square on top. This can give your face some definition.

But the best way to know if these sunglasses will work for you is to try them on! See how they look and how they make you feel. That’s the ultimate test.


Aviator sunglasses can be a good pick for round faces, but there’s a catch. The typical teardrop shape might match the curves of your face too much. Here’s how to find the right ones:

Firstly, focus on the bridge. A wider, straighter bridge can balance out your face’s roundness. This makes your face look more defined and slimmer. Secondly, pay attention to the browline. Look for aviators with a straighter browline instead of a curved one. This gives your upper face more shape and stops the sunglasses from following your cheeks’ curve. Lastly, think about size. Oversized or wider frames can work nicely. They give your face a contrast to its roundness. Just make sure the frame isn’t perfectly round and has some width to it.

With these tips, you can find aviator sunglasses that add some cool style while complementing your round face shape.


Tortoise shell sunglasses are a timeless fashion staple, offering a touch of sophistication and versatility that transcends trends. The classic tortoiseshell pattern, with its warm honey tones and flecks of brown and black, adds richness and depth to any outfit. But are they a good choice for round faces?

The answer is yes, but with a caveat. While the tortoiseshell pattern itself doesn’t necessarily add contrasting angles, the frame shape plays a crucial role.  Look for tortoiseshell sunglasses in styles that flatter round faces, like square, rectangular, or cat-eye.  These shapes, combined with the inherent richness of the tortoiseshell pattern, will add definition and balance to your features for a polished and stylish look.


Oversized sunglasses can be a fun and bold choice for round faces, but it’s important to consider the frame shape for optimal flattery. While the large size can add a touch of glamour and mystery, a perfectly round frame will mimic your face shape and potentially make it appear even rounder.

The key is to choose oversized sunglasses with contrasting angles. Look for frames with a straight browline, square or rectangular edges, or a subtle cat-eye lift. These elements help to balance out the curves of your face and create a more elongated silhouette.


Rectangular sunglasses are a perfect choice for round faces because of their contrasting geometry. The sharp, straight lines of the rectangle frame create a bold counterpoint to the softer curves of your face. This visually slims and defines your features, adding an air of sophistication and edge.

Rectangle sunglasses come in a variety of styles and materials, so you can find a pair that reflects your personal taste.  Opt for thicker, darker frames for maximum impact, or choose a thinner, lighter frame for a more modern look.  Regardless of your preference, the key strength of rectangular sunglasses lies in their ability to balance and flatter round faces.


Square sunglasses are a classic and universally flattering choice for round faces. Their sharp angles and straight lines provide a direct contrast to the softer curves of a round face. This contrasting effect visually slims and defines your features, creating a more balanced and sculpted appearance. Square sunglasses come in a variety of sizes and materials, so you can find a pair that suits your style.  For a bolder look, opt for a thick, full-rimmed frame. Thinner frames offer a more modern aesthetic, while still providing the balancing effect.  No matter your preference, square sunglasses are a timeless option that will flatter your round face and elevate your look.


1. What are the worst sunglasses for round faces?
Sunglasses that mimic the round shape of your face, like circular frames, aviators, or round wayfarers, should be avoided.

2. What materials are best for sunglasses for round faces?
Consider bold or patterned frames to add some contrast and definition to your face.  Thicker frames can also help to balance out round features.

3. What colors should I look for in sunglasses for a round face?
Darker colored frames can add a slimming effect.  However, don’t be afraid to experiment with lighter colors or patterns if they suit your style.

4. How important is UV protection?
UV protection is crucial for everyone, regardless of face shape.  Look for sunglasses that block 99% or 100% of UVA and UVB rays.

5. Where can I try on sunglasses before I buy them?
Many department stores and optical shops have a wide selection of sunglasses you can try on.  Some online retailers also offer virtual try-on tools.


By understanding how different frame shapes and styles flatter your features, you can choose a pair that enhances your confidence and complements your unique look.  From the timeless appeal of square and rectangular sunglasses to the edgy glamour of cat-eye styles, there’s a perfect pair out there waiting to be discovered. So embrace the experimentation, have fun trying on different options, and find the sunglasses that make you feel like the most stylish version of yourself.