Finding the right swimsuit for your body type can often feel like a game of trial and error. Bikini bottoms, in particular, can be notoriously tricky to shop for. Before diving into the search for swimwear, it’s helpful to familiarize yourself with the different styles available at most retailers. If you haven’t found the perfect bikini bottom yet, take a look at the 10 bikini bottoms we’ve compiled here.Read on!


Embrace your body confidently and choose swimsuits that celebrate your unique beauty. Regardless of your body shape or size, everyone deserves flattering swimwear. We challenge the notion that certain bikini bottom styles suit only specific body types. Instead, we believe the most flattering bikini bottom is one that balances aesthetics with comfort. By pairing well-fitted tops and bottoms in the right materials and colors, you can find swimwear that accentuates your natural beauty. With a wide variety of styles and fabrics available, there are endless options to explore. Understanding your own body shape is crucial, helping you determine which curves to highlight or downplay.

Understanding your own body shape is crucial, as it helps you determine which curves you want to highlight or downplay.

  • Women with an hourglass shape boast curvaceous figures, characterized by a well-defined waistline.
  • Pear-shaped individuals have narrower shoulders and bust compared to their wider hips and thighs.
  • Rectangular-shaped women typically have minimal curves, with a less defined waistline.
  • Apple-shaped ladies often have well-proportioned bodies, with broader shoulders and a less defined waistline compared to their hips.

Every body is unique, and you may not fit perfectly into one specific shape, and that’s perfectly okay. Consider these definitions as general guidelines rather than strict rules. When choosing the right bikini bottom, also consider:

  • Long vs. short torso: Short torso individuals can still wear bikinis, but aim for pieces that create a balanced look.
  • Long legs vs. short legs: Balance is key here too. There’s no right or wrong, as long as you feel comfortable and confident in your choice.


As a swimsuit designer, I often get asked which bikini bottom is best suited for different body types. Today, bikini bottoms come in a wide range of styles, allowing for more personalized choices based on individual preferences and body shapes. High-waisted bottoms, once associated with full coverage, now offer various cuts, including Brazilian and full coverage options. Understanding these features makes swimsuit shopping a more enjoyable experience, with high-waisted bottoms providing both retro elegance and support. They can also enhance the appearance of a smaller or flatter bum, with different coverage types available to suit different preferences.



High-waisted briefs like the ZAFUL swimwear option provide full coverage and a secure fit. They sit comfortably high on the waist, offering a sleek look. When choosing swimwear, consider your personal preferences and body type. High-waisted briefs are great for those who want more midsection coverage or to accentuate their waistline. Explore different brands, styles, and colors, and consider factors like fabric quality, durability, and customer reviews before making a decision.


Thong bikini bottoms are often mistaken for G-string bottoms, although their silhouettes differ—thongs are not crafted from string material. Featuring minimal coverage, thong bottoms are characterized by a “T”-like strip of fabric at the back, which can visually elongate the legs. Jade Swim has noted a recent surge in sales of its expose bottom ($80), available in 12 different colorways.


The high-waisted bikini bottom is perfect for those moments when you seek a bit of midsection coverage without opting for a full one-piece swimsuit. Seek out added elements that enhance your silhouette. Features like extra piping or a center button—like those found in Same Swim’s The Grace ($130)—draw attention to the waist area.


Ashley Liddell, founder and designer of La Mariposa, emphasizes a significant advantage of choosing cheeky over full coverage: it accentuates all the right areas and avoids the “pancake-y” appearance. According to Liddell, “This fit is fantastic for women with curves.” She adds, “By incorporating a high leg into this fit, you create the perfect bottom for all body shapes.” The Frankies Bikinis Dawson bottom ($85) is crafted to be worn either lower on the hips or slightly hiked up — the choice is yours.


The high-leg bikini bottom is designed to sit above the hips, elongating your silhouette. The Enzo ($90) from Frankies Bikinis features a slight dip at the front and a cheeky back, providing moderate coverage that can be adjusted based on how high you pull the sides.


If you’re hesitant to wear a G-string bottom, consider the Brazilian style as an alternative. Characterized by its low-rise cut and “Y” shape at the back, Ookioh’s Cayman ($50) offers a flattering shape to your bum. This style is recommended by the brand for those with shorter torsos and hourglass body types. Additionally, many Brazilian designs feature ruching, allowing you to adjust the width of the fabric across the back.


For those seeking super support in their bikini bottoms, the Aerie hipster style ($15, originally $30) is a dependable choice. Known for its reliability, this classic option is ideal for active beachgoers who require everything to stay securely in place. Typically featuring thick bands, hipster bottoms offer slightly less than full coverage while providing ample support.


Side-tie styles are perfect for those who prefer a custom fit, as you can adjust the straps to your desired comfort level. By tying it higher above the hip, you can create the illusion of longer legs. Theresa Mingusz and Morgan Brutocao, the cofounders of La’Mariette, note that the Zoe bottom ($38, originally $75) is a bestseller on their website. Shea Marie, CEO of Same Swim, suggests these bikini bottoms for individuals in between sizes due to their adjustable nature.


Exploring the various types of bikini bottoms offers a myriad of options to suit every body type and style preference. From classic cuts like hipster bottoms to more daring choices such as thongs and Brazilian bottoms, there’s something for everyone. Side-tie styles provide versatility and customization, while high-waisted options offer coverage with a touch of retro flair. With innovative features like ruching, adjustable straps, and supportive bands, these bottoms cater to individual needs while accentuating curves and boosting confidence.