Spring is here, and it’s time to shed the winter blues and embrace the vibrant energy of the season! One fun way to express that fresh feeling is with a manicure that bursts with spring vibes. Whether you’re a nail art enthusiast or prefer something more low-key, there’s a perfect spring nail design waiting for you. Get ready to bloom with these 35 trendy and gorgeous nail ideas that will have your fingertips ready for warmer days, blooming flowers, and everything wonderful spring brings!



Multicolor half-moons could be something whimsical and playful. Think of a child’s room decorated with rainbow-striped half-moons, or a beach towel with a border of these colorful crescents. They could also be a more sophisticated design element, like a clutch purse with a shimmering, multicolored half-moon clasp.


These spring-inspired nails offer a delightful serotonin surge after months of dreary skies. Featuring a charming blend of pastel shades and whimsical asymmetrical designs, they exude a playful and fashion-forward vibe. Their rainbow palette ensures seamless coordination with your entire spring ensemble, adding a touch of fun and flirtation to your look.


Embrace the essence of spring with effortlessly chic flower nail designs. Opt for delicate daisies against a clean nail backdrop for a timeless yet refreshing look. Elevate the ensemble with a French-tip accent nail in soft pastel pink, injecting a delightful burst of seasonal charm.


The baby blues refers to a brief period of feeling down, irritable, and weepy after childbirth. It’s very common, affecting up to 80% of new moms.  While it can be unsettling, it typically resolves within a week or two and differs from postpartum depression.


Spring is here and these simple and classy glazed donut nails are perfect for the season. Imagine soft pink or peach nails with a glossy, sheer finish that mimics the glaze of a delicious donut. You can even add a subtle shimmer for an extra touch of elegance.


Aurora nails are inspired by the mesmerizing colors of the Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights. Picture shimmering nails with gradients of greens, blues, purples, and even pinks, that mimic the dancing lights of this natural phenomenon. You can add subtle glitters or holographic finishes to enhance the celestial effect.


“Hint of green” usually refers to a very pale green color. In your eye’s mind  the first new leaves on a tree in spring, or a light seafoam green. It’s a subtle and refreshing green that can be used in many ways, from nail polish to paint colors.


Conceive carrying the sweetest spring flowers wherever you go! We’re in love with this adorable nail art featuring cute daisy bouquets and tiny bows. You can easily make these bows using cute nail stickers. It’s just too cute to handle!


Nude chrome is a perfect combination of elegance and subtle shimmer, making it ideal for spring nails. See a soft, pinkish-beige base coat with a chrome finish that catches the light beautifully. This manicure is versatile enough for any occasion and adds a touch of sophistication to your look.


Spring nails are all about embracing fresh and playful colors. Combining 3D nail art with a matte finish creates a unique and eye-catching look. Think of delicate floral designs or geometric patterns in a matte finish, with pops of 3D elements that add a touch of dimension. This is a perfect way to show off your personality and add a touch of fun to your spring manicure.


Lilac is a beautiful and calming color, perfect for embracing the fresh feeling of spring. Simple lilac nails are a great way to achieve this. In your mind’s eyes your nails are painted in a soft, periwinkle shade with a glossy finish for a clean and elegant look.


Spring is all about soft and feminine colors, and “Coquette Pearls” perfectly embodies that. Visualize a sheer, milky white base coat adorned with delicate pearl embellishments. These pearls can be scattered randomly or arranged in a specific design, like a floral pattern or a crescent moon. This manicure is both elegant and playful, making it a perfect choice for the spring season.


Imagine soft, pastel-colored nails adorned with delicate metallic petal designs. You could use different shades of pink, lavender, and green for the base coat, and then add metallic gold or silver for the petals. This manicure is both elegant and eye-catching, making it a perfect choice for the spring season.


Can’t decide between French tips or floral designs? Why not have both! This nail design combines the classic French manicure with charming daisy nail art and a delightful matcha green hue, offering a fresh and spring-inspired twist.


Soft, ethereal colors like lavender or mint create a dreamy base.  Ditch the typical florals and pastels –  let loose with strokes of chrome. Think shattered glass effects, shimmering nebula swirls, or even negative space designs where the chrome highlights the bare nail. This bold and futuristic twist is perfect for the fashion-forward who want to make a statement.


Morning dew is a tiny treasure found on a crisp spring dawn. It coats blades of grass and spiderwebs with a veil of glistening diamonds, reflecting the first rays of sunlight in a symphony of color. This ephemeral beauty evaporates with the rising warmth, leaving behind a world refreshed and sparkling clean.


Embrace the essence of springtime with sweet and simple lavender nails. Picture this: Soft, calming lavender polish drapes your fingertips, like the first fragrant blooms peeking out after a long winter. This delicate hue adds a touch of effortless elegance that complements any spring outfit.


Think less soft and sweet, more outta-sight and far-out. We’re talkin’ a technicolor explosion of pastel goodness. Think bubblegum pink, sunshine yellow, and minty green, all mixed and matched in unexpected ways. Stripes, swirls, and bold geometric patterns are welcome – the goal is to create a playful and eye-catching look that’s totally groovy, baby!


Channel the sunshine and cheer of spring with “Bee’s Knees” nails! This playful look takes inspiration from happy little bees buzzing amongst the blooms. Think sunny yellow polish as a base, accented with delicate black stripes that mimic bee markings. You can even add a tiny touch of white for a subtle honeycomb effect. It’s a bright and charming way to celebrate the arrival of spring!


Spring has sprung and your nails can bloom too! Embrace cute daisy designs for a touch of sunshine. Think cheerful base coats in baby blues, soft pinks, or sunshine yellows. Then, let the daisies pop! Paint on simple white petals with a sunny yellow center for a classic look, or get playful with different colors. Dotted petals in pastel shades or a single, bold daisy on an accent nail are just a few ways to let your creativity blossom.


Soft baby blue fades seamlessly into a deeper shade of cerulean at the tips, mimicking the calming gradient of a clear blue sky on a perfect spring day. This elegant yet playful design transitions beautifully from work to weekend with a touch of unexpected charm.


Imagine your nails as tiny canvases with a myriad of colors – think orange, pink, green and yellow – swirled together in geometric shapes and zigzag lines. It’s a vibrant and eye-catching design that injects serious spring energy into your fingertips. It’s really potential when you’re on a trip with a straw bag and a maxi dress.


Make your nails like a sunny sky with this adorable spring nail design! It’s perfect for adding some fun to your spring days, with a mix of different designs and a lovely light blue color. It works great on short nails too! And the best part? You can easily do it yourself! Each nail has a different pattern, so just grab your nail polish and start drawing whatever you like!


Spring’s delicate florals come to life on your fingertips with 3D watercolor nails. Think soft, sheer washes of pink, lavender, and green as the base, creating a dreamy backdrop. Tiny, hand-painted blooms in vibrant watercolors rise from the base, adding a touch of whimsical dimension. It’s like a miniature springtime garden bursting onto your nails, perfect for the season of renewal.


This creates a playful, translucent base that lets the light peek through. Then, let the chrome shine! Add geometric shapes, stripes, or even abstract swirls in a dazzling chrome finish. This unexpected mix of playful and edgy creates a truly unique and eye-catching spring manicure.


Spring has sprung, and your short nails can join the celebration with a pastel ombre look! Think soft, dreamy colors like baby pink melting into lavender or sunshine yellow transitioning to minty green. The gradient effect creates a touch of whimsy on your fingertips, mimicking the soft hues of a blooming spring sky. Perfect for those who love a subtle pop of color without sacrificing practicality.


Spring is all about soft elegance, and pearly pink nails perfectly capture that vibe. Envisage your nails dressed in a shimmery, pearlescent polish that catches the light with a subtle rainbow glow. It’s like a breath of fresh air for your fingertips, adding a touch of sophistication that complements any spring outfit.


Split decision nails are a fun way to embrace the playful spirit of spring! Imagine each nail artfully divided down the center, showcasing two different pastel colors. Think sunshine yellow contrasting with baby blue, or soft pink paired with a cool mint green. This unexpected color blocking adds a touch of whimsy and lets you show off your playful personality.


Get that fresh and vibrant vibe with these adorable short nails perfect for spring! The timeless charm of white daisy nail art combined with a hint of shimmering gold adds a touch of elegance and glamour. It’s a delightful and classy style that you can flaunt throughout the entire spring season.


Add a touch of that sparkle to your nails! Imagine a base coat in a soft, spring-like color like baby blue or lavender. Then, for the pop, you can add glittery tips, a french manicure with a shimmery twist, or even a single accent nail completely covered in dazzling holographic polish. It’s all about embracing the joy of the season and letting your nails shine.


Embrace clean and breezy colors like pale mint green or soft peach. Keep the design simple and elegant, perhaps with a single, delicate floral accent in a contrasting pastel shade. This manicure is perfect for those who want a fresh and sophisticated look to welcome the new season.


This unexpected color combo is guaranteed to turn heads. Think of your nails as tiny canvases showcasing either a clean, graphic look with each nail a single color, or a playful twist where the hot pink and bright blue alternate in a fun pattern. It’s a vibrant and energetic way to celebrate the arrival of spring on short nails.


Embrace the essence of spring with fresh olive nail hues that evoke nature’s renewal. These earthy tones exude a sense of vitality and rejuvenation, perfect for welcoming the season’s warmth and growth.


Spring bursts with fresh life and vibrant colors, and Berry Fest nails are the perfect way to celebrate! This juicy mix of berry tones, like raspberry and blackberry, is a fun and festive way to embrace the season on your fingertips. See a playful manicure that pops with color, like a delicious burst of summer berries.


Spring is bursting with playful vibes, and fun mismatched nails are the perfect way to express that!  Ditch the matchy-matchy routine and embrace a rainbow on your fingertips. Picture each nail painted a different cheerful color, like a pastel yellow, a bright coral, or a cool mint green. You can even add fun designs or patterns to some nails for an extra dose of personality. It’s all about letting loose and celebrating the joy of spring!


Spring is a time of renewal, and your nails are the perfect canvas to celebrate the season’s vibrant energy. Whether you prefer short nails or long, there’s a spring nail design out there to match your style! From soft pastels and shimmering chrome to playful florals and unexpected color combinations, the trend for spring nails 2024 short is bursting with creativity. So embrace the sunshine, pick your favorite trend, and get ready to blossom with beautiful spring nails!