Side rib tattoos can be challenging but are an intriguing choice for tattoo enthusiasts. They offer flexibility, accommodating both large and small designs that stand out against fair skin. Despite the pain associated with this location, it adds allure and femininity to the body’s curves. Below are 31 side tattoo designs to help you choose and enhance your creative personality. Read on!


If you have a fondness for cats and are contemplating an ink that exudes allure, this design is certainly worth considering. Embracing this playful artwork on your side not only showcases your love for felines but also adds a touch of flirtatious charm. The tattoo invites you to unleash your inner feline and may even inspire a few mischievous purrs.


Leverage the natural twists and turns of your body by opting for a design that captures the inherent movement in your trunk, much like the dynamic portrayal of a snake in this tattoo. The sinuous curves of the serpent enhance the sense of motion, accentuating the contours of your ribs. This choice not only complements the body’s natural dynamics but also adds an element of fluidity and vitality to the overall design. The slithering snake serves as both a symbol of movement and a captivating embellishment, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a tattoo that harmonizes with the body’s organic rhythms.


This rib tattoo resembles an intricate tribal pattern of flourishing vines. The artist has added an adorable touch, catering to those girls who have a passion for nature, gardening, or simply desire an endearing vine tattoo on their side. The design captures the essence of growth and beauty, making it a charming and personalized choice for those who appreciate the symbolism of nature.


This tattoo, composed of various elements, holds a narrative that remains exclusive to the individual wearing it. The intricate pieces might unfold a story deeply rooted in personal experiences or cultural ties, possibly reflecting the roles of women within their community or tribe. The symbolism within the tattoo invites interpretation, allowing for a meaningful and unique narrative that only the bearer truly comprehends.


While butterfly tattoos are a popular choice among women, envisioning a unique and distinctive presentation can be challenging. However, when you combine butterflies, musical notes, and intertwine them with a delicate flower, your butterfly design becomes truly special, especially if you have a passion for music. This fusion adds a layer of individuality, creating a tattoo that not only captures the beauty of butterflies but also reflects your unique interests and love for music.


Opting for a tattoo featuring roses is particularly striking when adorned on elongated areas of your body, such as your ribs or legs. Roses are a cherished symbol, often associated with romanticism, love, and feminine essence. This particular design elevates the symbolic nature of roses by incorporating a beautiful and contemporary tribal pattern. The fusion of the traditional floral imagery with a modern tribal twist enhances the tattoo’s allure, making it a powerful and visually captivating choice.


Kudos to the artist who crafted this exquisite masterpiece, a tattoo that intricately weaves a compelling narrative. Upon closer inspection, the symbolism unfolds—the bird and butterfly embodying a woman’s freedom and empowerment, fluttering gracefully. Contrarily, the snake slithers into the narrative, representing the lurking dangers amidst her adventures. 


While side tattoos for girls often grace the slim area of their ribs or lower back, this particular piece takes it a step further. It transforms the entirety of the subject’s left side into a sprawling canvas for a collection of glamorous flowers. The choice to extend the tattoo across the entire side amplifies the visual impact, creating a stunning and immersive floral tapestry that accentuates the natural contours of the body. The intricate detailing and vibrant colors further enhance the overall allure, making this tattoo a bold and captivating choice for those seeking a more expansive and elaborate ink design.


An elephant tattoo has the potential to symbolize various qualities such as strength, dignity, power, and good luck. The use of watercolor techniques adds an extra layer of vibrancy, making the tattoo not only a symbol of inherent qualities but also a captivating and artistic expression. The dynamic interplay of colors and details elevates the elephant tattoo to a level of aesthetic beauty that transcends its symbolic significance, making it a truly remarkable and visually striking piece of body art.


Budding flowers encapsulate the essence of promise and potential. A tattoo like this serves as a representation of inner beauty and a profound focus on what resides within. The delicacy and sweetness of this side tattoo, portraying a flower in various stages of budding, evoke a sense of simplicity and purity. The intricate details capture the beauty of growth and transformation, turning the tattoo into a visual metaphor for embracing the evolving stages of life with grace and elegance. 


The use of flying birds in tattoos is diverse, but this woman has captured the essence perfectly with her small flock gracefully descending down her side. Birds, as symbols of freedom, beautifully convey a sense of liberation, and this tattoo seamlessly embodies that spirit. The birds, intricately depicted, give the illusion of gracefully descending from the sky together, adding a dynamic and harmonious touch to the design. 


The rising popularity of dreamcatchers in recent years is no surprise, and this flirty little dreamcatcher side tattoo offers a glimpse into the girl’s dreamer spirit. Positioned on the side, the dreamcatcher becomes a subtle yet powerful statement, suggesting that she is not only attuned to her dreams but also unafraid to actively chase after them. The intricacies of the design add an element of allure, making this tattoo not just a piece of body art but a symbolic representation of aspirations and the courage to reach for them.


While a garden may not be the conventional setting for a sultry encounter, the amalgamation of a seductive woman and blooming garden flowers in this tattoo is enough to leave any observer breathless. The inclusion of a quote at the top, playing with the concept of a lion falling in love with a lamb, adds an intriguing layer. This symbolism suggests a man ardently falling for a woman, and the overall design weaves together sensuality and romance, making it a captivating and thought-provoking choice.


Tailored for those with a penchant for mystery, this tattoo seamlessly blends the beauty of intricately drawn roses with an enigmatic depiction of a woman’s face. The mysterious aura surrounding the woman’s visage effortlessly evokes a witch-like vibe, making this design particularly fitting for women who either believe in or practice witchcraft. The combination of the alluring floral elements and the bewitching facial features creates a captivating tattoo, rich in symbolism and perfect for those embracing their mystical inclinations.


While fish tattoos may not be as popular, especially among women, this particular piece defies the norm. The design, meticulous drawing, and vibrant coloring transform the fish into a distinctly feminine representation. The tattoo seamlessly blends aquatic imagery with a playful and alluring aesthetic, making it a standout choice for women seeking a fish tattoo that breaks away from traditional perceptions and adds a touch of feminine charm to the underwater theme.


This intricate tribal design is a captivating choice for enthusiasts of tribal tattoos, especially those drawn to detailed artwork. The rarity of having this piercing on the side adds to its allure, as the placement is known to be more painful, requiring careful precision to achieve the polished quality that sets it apart. The meticulous detailing of the tribal elements enhances the overall impact, making it a standout piece for those who appreciate the fusion of detailed artistry and the boldness of a rib tattoo.


This side tattoo remarkably resembles a genuine sunflower seamlessly attached to the woman’s side. While obtaining such a detailed and realistic design may pose challenges in terms of difficulty and cost, the investment is likely to be worthwhile. Sunflowers, renowned for bringing good luck, add an extra layer of significance to this tattoo. The meticulous artistry captures the lifelike essence of the sunflower, making it not just a tattoo but a symbol of positivity and fortune intricately etched onto the canvas of the woman’s side.


Immerse yourself in the eternal beauty of the serene cherry blossoms with this exquisite side tattoo. Crafted to capture the radiant glow that cherry blossoms bestow, this artwork serves as a poignant and enchanting choice, particularly for ladies. The delicate detailing and vibrant hues evoke the tranquil atmosphere of witnessing cherry blossoms at their peak, offering a timeless and visually captivating portrayal. 


The allure of this cool tribal side tattoo adorned with scattered flowers gracefully weaving across your body’s side. What sets this design apart is its versatile pattern, offering the flexibility to extend gradually or cover specific areas over time. Beyond being a striking piece of body art, this tattoo becomes a customizable journey, allowing you to curate and expand the inked canvas at your own pace, making it not just a tattoo but a personalized work of evolving artistry.


The artist has undeniably crafted an exceptional rib tattoo, employing a hexagonal structure for each piece to compose a grand depiction of Saturn and the vast expanse of space. What makes this design truly intriguing is its modular nature, allowing for the continual addition of hexagon pieces until the desired picture is fully realized. The meticulous arrangement of hexagons not only adds a sense of geometric precision but also provides a unique and customizable approach to building a cohesive and visually captivating representation of the cosmic realm. 


Butterflies hold a perennial allure for ladies, symbolizing growth and rebirth. Elevate their aesthetic appeal by adopting this intricate pattern of design and coloring, transforming your tattoo into a stunning masterpiece much like the one depicted here. The meticulous detailing and vibrant hues not only enhance the beauty of the butterflies but also add a layer of sophistication and elegance to the overall design. The combination of intricate elements and vibrant colors ensures that your tattoo becomes a gorgeous and meaningful adornment on your skin.


This flower rib tattoo is an excellent choice for girls, boasting a delicate and pretty design. The craftsmanship of the art is evident, with intricate detailing that adds to its charm. The placement of this tattoo becomes a strategic choice, allowing flexibility in how much you want it to be revealed. In this particular example, it appears to be situated in a discreet location, possibly close to a part that is typically covered.


Feather tattoos are commonly linked to courage and freedom, and the sentiment becomes vividly apparent in this girl’s feather tattoo. The wispy design of the feather exudes a subtle yet powerful sense of freedom. The artistry is truly captivating, especially in how it gracefully wraps around to the front, creating a seamless and harmonious flow. It not only embodies the symbolic essence of courage and freedom but also stands out as a visually appealing and intricately designed expression of personal empowerment and liberty.


A flower tattoo carries a multitude of meanings, each imbued with characteristics that resonate uniquely with a woman’s personality. Take, for instance, this fashionable and girly tattoo that seamlessly merges floral elegance with personal expression. The choice of a flower as the central motif adds a touch of femininity and sophistication, while the overall design exudes a sense of fashion-forward charm. Flower tattoos often serve as symbols of beauty, growth, and resilience, allowing individuals to encapsulate these qualities in an artful and personalized manner. 


While lanterns are commonly associated with festive occasions, this particular design exudes a traditional vibe, reminiscent of craftsmanship from a tribal context. For individuals who appreciate ethnic and cultural designs, this tattoo holds significant appeal. The intricacies of the lantern’s design suggest a connection to traditional artistry, infusing the tattoo with a unique and timeless charm. 


One of the captivating aspects of tattoos is the flexibility to make them as intricate or straightforward as desired. A compass, traditionally symbolizing protection during challenging times, takes center stage in the beautiful artwork on this girl’s side. The tattoo not only serves as a visual masterpiece but also narrates a tale of adventure and an insatiable curiosity for the unknown. The incorporation of the compass design suggests a desire for guidance and exploration, making it a profound and symbolic choice.


This exquisite tattoo features the visage of a woman gazing into the distance, creating a captivating and introspective aura. If you contemplate having the face of a cherished loved one or an iconic figure inked on your side, this tattoo provides a compelling reference for envisioning how the facial features can be delicately drawn and elegantly displayed. The artist’s skill in capturing a sense of contemplation and depth in the woman’s expression adds a layer of emotional resonance to the tattoo. 


Side tattoos provide an ideal canvas for showcasing lengthy and intricate designs, with a tree serving as a compelling example. The artistry displayed in this tattoo is particularly noteworthy, as the intricately drawn tree finds a perfect display space on the wearer’s side. The elongated canvas of the side accentuates the graceful branches and intricate details of the tree, creating a visually captivating and harmonious composition. The deliberate choice of placement allows the tattoo to seamlessly integrate with the natural contours of the body, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. 


Delving into the symbolism of keys and the concept of freedom, this rib tattoo echoes a profound narrative. In a unique presentation, the tattoo features a bird carrying three keys, each laden with the power to unlock something significant. The visual storytelling unfolds as the bird symbolizes the embodiment of freedom, with the trio of keys acting as powerful instruments to unlock various aspects of life. The intricate design and placement on the rib emphasize the delicacy and vulnerability associated with the quest for freedom. 


In the realm of tattoos, quotes always hold a timeless appeal. Elevate the uniqueness of your quote tattoo by incorporating an additional element, just as demonstrated in this design with the inclusion of a rose. The integration of the rose not only adds a touch of visual intrigue but also infuses the quote with symbolic meaning. The delicate yet powerful nature of the rose serves as a complementary element, enhancing the overall aesthetic and personal significance of the tattoo. 


The cross stands as an iconic symbol with diverse meanings across cultures, making cross tattoos perennially captivating. For women, the strategic placement of a cross tattoo on the back or side adds a layer of significance and aesthetic appeal. The choice of location allows for a blend of personal expression and visual allure, creating a harmonious balance between symbolism and style. The cross, rich in cultural and spiritual connotations, becomes a powerful and meaningful statement when delicately inked on the back or side. 


Choosing a side tattoo is your personal decision, and here are 31 side tattoo designs for women ranging from minimalistic to intricate and alluring. Hopefully, after exploring these tattoo ideas, you will find a design that suits your individual style.