30 Brown Hair with Highlights Inspos that You Will Fall in Love with

There’s a joke that says all ladies need to do is weave their straight hair, relax their curly hair, trim their long hair, and stretch their short hair. We may continue by saying that girls with dark hair imagine themselves as blondes in their dreams, and blondes wish to be brunettes. Any change in the color of hair is softer with highlights. It can be really subdued and perfectly complement your natural hair color. If you are ready to change, these 30 brown hair with highlights inspo will make you want to run to your favorite salon place ASAP.

Icy Blonde Chunky Highlights

In 2023, bold hair color is going to be very popular. If you haven’t seen brown hair styled in this way yet, you will adore how this color pairs with blonde highlights to frame the face! To get this dye replicated at a salon, show your hairstylist this picture.

Light Brown Balayage

For dark hair, a light brown balayage creates a stunning gradient appearance. The application of highlights creates the illusion that the sun has truly kissed your black locks. In contrast to other highlighting methods, the balayage is not only delicate and unobtrusive but also simple to maintain.

Dark Brown Hair with Bronze Highlights

A layered haircut will give your waves more depth, and if you opt to add some subtle highlights to your dark brown hair, the result will be a sophisticated look that looks stunning both up and down. Take a look at it, please! It has substance, texture, and flawlessly harmonized colors. If you desire this appearance, a layered haircut with choppy ends is also an excellent choice.

Steel Grey Highlights

It’s no longer only for your elderly folks! Gray hair dyeing has gained popularity, particularly among younger audiences. However, if you want to experiment without fully committing to a new shade, soft gray or light blue chunky highlights work well.

Sun-Kissed Balayage

Your hair can completely change with blonde highlights. Transform your ordinary, boring look into something glitzy that will get you compliments all the time. If you want to preserve that special summertime shine in your hair, nothing compares to the balayage effect.

Ash Brown Highlights

Subtle highlights are a must-try for anybody looking for a little glitz, no matter the season. You’ll adore the lovely gloss they impart to your hairstyle.

Dark Brown Mane with Caramel Balayage

Caramel balayage on dark brown hair with highlights is quite striking. In this case, the transition is seamless yet still looks really fashionable. For added dimension, dark fragments have also been placed on the bottom.

Dark Chocolate Bob with Babylights

If you love your dark brown hair and just want to jazz it up a bit, create some cool curls with a straightening iron and add a sprinkling of babylights. These brown hair highlights can certainly redefine your look.

Lob with Thin Caramel Highlights

Dark hair highlights can turn any boring locks into a sophisticated, diva-like style. You’ll feel fantastic and your hair will be glossy and shiny! Isn’t it, after all, what we all want from a makeover?

Chocolate Copper Balayage

The vitality and richness of both colors combine to create a visually striking effect when copper hair highlights are applied to black hair. Ask your hairstylist to take the highlights all the way up to your roots if you want the copper hue to steal the show.

Shaggy Bob with Subtle Partial Highlights

Broad highlights and striking hues aren’t always necessary. In this instance, keeping things simple is ideal. Subtle brown accents can be used to achieve that effect.

Chocolate Brown Highlights

Light brown highlights can instantly alter the style of medium-length chocolate hair. Any length looks excellent with this color combo, but to get the complete effect, wear it wavy.

Natural Striped Highlights

A closer inspection reveals that these are actually perfectly integrated with the light chocolate ribbons, even though at first glance they appear to be just basic blonde highlights. You’ll stand out from the crowd with this bohemian-chic ombre effect. Who wouldn’t love to have blonde highlights paired with shimmering dark brown hair?

Golden Bronde Color Melt

Blend highlights and lowlights for a hairstyle with endless depth. This gorgeous colormelt is ideal for noncommittal people. A bit blonde and a little brown gives you the best of both worlds. When the colors work so well together, there’s no need to make a decision.

Light Caramel Balayage 

Enhance the brightness of your swoopy shoulder-length waves by adding deep caramel highlights. The peek-a-boo, side-parted bangs give off a little Hollywood glitz.

Angled Bob with Light Brown Highlights

This hair color’s caramel and ashy tones are really lovely! Just a few thin blonde highlights give it a really trendy and fresh look. Choose a choppy bob without bangs to maintain a modern look. Style it with bendy waves for a stylish urban appearance.

Thin Beige Highlights 

If you want a more natural look, thin highlights are a fantastic option because they blend in smoothly with the hair. Going a few shades lighter is more than sufficient to create a noticeable difference.

Bright Blonde Contour Highlights

Enjoy yourself while highlighting and balayaging. You are not limited to the typical ombre-inspired style. Wear the lightest items closest to your face to highlight and brighten it. The bolder the style, the greater the contrast between the highlights and your natural color.

Cool Toned Highlights

Twisting together in loose curls are highlights and lowlights? Yes, please! On the top and rear of the head, the brown lowlights are more noticeable, whilst the blonde tones are more noticeable in the front. It’s not quite ombre, though. Absolutely stunning.

Chocolate Bob with Golden Blonde Highlights

Blonde accents in light brown hair make it seem delicate and feminine. The lengthy, honey-colored streaks run the length of the wavy, neck-length bob, emphasizing the flirting, seductive peek-a-boo bangs.

Highlights on Sandy Brown Hair

In order to get a natural look, some of the best highlight ideas for light brown hair revolve around this concept. Consider this look to be a reproduction of the highlights you remember receiving as a child following exhausting outdoor activities. That kind of inspiration will help you achieve a youthful look.

Painted Balayage Highlights

This style with the light brown hair is amazing. These appealing textures and tones are sure to please. Ask your stylist for highlights that are painted on (also known as balayage) and brighter in the facial area. Next, ask her to style it with contemporary, loose waves.

Messy Bob with Face-Framing Balayage

Light brown hair can look adorable with balayage, even on a short bob. Given your limited hair length, choose a striking contrast between the blonde and brown to maximize the amount of hair you have. In fact, the untidy finish and jagged ends add to the cut’s edge.

Honey Light Brown Locks

One of the most well-liked choices for light brown hair highlights is this warm, natural look. Your stylist will work with caramel highlights to create an even, appealing pop of color enhancement, starting with your foundation color.

Shiny Bronze and Blonde Balayage

Hair with lowlights always obtains the necessary depth and brings out highlights, even if your color job is low contrast. An absolute masterwork, this balayage is the go-to option for skin with warm, neutral undertones.

Caramel Highlights on Choppy Cut

For people with fine hair who don’t want to bother with a lot of maintenance, a choppy haircut is a great look. Having light brown hair with caramel-colored highlights can definitely bring out the best in your new cut and face.

Cool and Neutral Blonde Balayage Highlights

The cool element of the balayage is well-known. To make the look seem specifically your own, there are lots of options for you to try out and play with. Even though warm and golden tones are often preferred, your complexion might look better with a neutral blonde tint.

Dimensional Highlights

Brighter is what is lighter! Use bold streaks of blonde hair to provide some color to your traditional bob haircut. This will give your natural brown color greater depth and structure, giving the illusion of thicker hair.

White Blonde Ribbons on Brown Hair

This pairing of frosty blonde and dark brown is really cute! Ribbons that frame the face give the face more brightness and depth in the front portion. An adorable fringe that is accentuated can further improve this appearance.

Chunky Highlights and Curtain Bangs

Combine chunky blonde highlights with your natural hair to give your fine, straight hair more volume and thickness. Your hairstyle will appear even more voluminous and accentuate your facial features if you add a curtain fringe.

Your light brown or dark brown hairstyles are enhanced by highlights. When the highlights are properly picked and applied, even the most basic haircut looks stunning. They will enhance your skin tone and eye color, give your hair more substance, and make you appear amazing whether you wear your hair loose or in elegant styles. Check out 30 inspo above for the best “New Year” hair look.