30 Balayage on Brown hair styles you don’t want to miss in 2024

In recent years, the balayage hairstyle has emerged as a new trend in the hairdressing industry. While the name ‘balayage hair’ may sound strange, this hairstyle embodies a simple yet distinctly Western beauty. So, what is the balayage hairstyle, and what should you keep in mind when dyeing balayage hair? All will be answered in the article below, along with 30 balayage brown hair colors that make you look gorgeous..

What does “balayage” mean?

‘Balayage’ in French means to paint or sweep. ‘Balayage hair’ is a hair dyeing technique inspired by the art of painting. With this type of dyeing, the hair is divided into different layers and then skillfully combined to create a natural color spread.

The characteristic of this type of dyeing is that light and dark colors are combined to create a harmonious yet equally impressive color transition. This is the key difference between balayage and highlighting hairstyles.

Especially with balayage dyeing, when the black roots grow out, the hair still looks very good, and it doesn’t take much time to dye it again.

Tips for Balayage Dyeing

If you want colored hair, it’s important to choose a good hairstylist. You can talk to them about hairstyles and get advice on styles that suit your face shape. Also, consider the health of your hair before changing the color. Healthy and beautiful hair looks better when it’s colored. If your hair needs some care, take some time to make it stronger before dyeing it. Below, let’s explore 30 Balayage brown hairstyles that may surprise and delight you.

Balayage on brown hair can be gorgeous, but achieving the perfect look requires some specific considerations. Remember to opt for lighter shades like caramel or honey for light brown hair, ashy blonde or beige for medium brown, and lighter blonde or even subtle auburn for dark brown hair

30 Brown Balayage hair color ideas You May Like

Cinnamon-Toned Brown Balayage

This fantastic balayage hairstyle for brunettes features a captivating color transition that effortlessly draws attention. The warm hues blend seamlessly, creating a stunning gradient that’s bound to make you the focal point of any room or occasion. Wherever you go, this hairstyle is sure to leave a lasting impression and turn heads with its irresistible charm.

Curled Light Brown Balayage

This stylish curly light brown balayage hairstyle is a popular trend of late, combining gorgeous curls with a beautiful blend of light brown tones. The curls add a playful touch, while the balayage technique provides a natural transition between darker and lighter shades. Whether you’re heading for a casual day out or a special event, this light brown curly balayage is sure to enhance your overall look with a touch of sophistication and warmth.

Brown Balayage with Face-Framing Foils 

This stunning brown balayage with face-framing foils is a trendy and flattering hairstyle choice. The balayage technique creates a seamless blend of brown shades, adding depth and dimension to your hair. The strategically placed face-framing foils highlight your facial features, drawing attention to your eyes and enhancing your overall appearance. The combination of balayage and face-framing foils adds a touch of sophistication and a sun-kissed glow to your hair.

Subtle Face-Framing Balayage

This unusual and stylish bright color, called “coin”, looks really cool and is great for people with naturally dark hair. Hair strands that are slightly brighter than the main color will help your face stand out more.

Violet-Based Brown Balayage

This purple-brown balayage hairstyle is a cool and modern choice for your hair. The purple tones add a unique and sophisticated pop of color to the dark brown shades, creating a stylish blend. The balayage technique ensures a smooth transition between darker and lighter tones, giving your hair a natural and vibrant look.

Blonde Balayage on Dark Brown Hair

If you want to refresh your brown hair, choose this hairstyle that many young people are opting for. With wavy layers and textures, you’ll get hair that pairs perfectly with feminine outfits. When combined with eyelash curling and smoky eyeliner, your look will appear cool.

Romantic Brown Balayage

If you want to make your medium-length hair more stylish and romantic, go for a romantic brown balayage. This coloring method uses hand-painting to give your hair gentle and soft highlights, making it look naturally kissed by the sun. Pick warm, caramel-toned highlights that mix nicely with your original color, adding depth to your hair. This hairstyle is a great choice for women who want to enhance their natural beauty with a touch of class and style, especially on medium-length hair.

Semi-Permanent Brunette Balayage 

Try semi-permanent brown balayage. This coloring technique involves hand-painted highlights that blend with your natural hair color, creating a soft and natural look. The semi-permanent formula is an excellent choice as it offers long-lasting color without the need for permanent dyes. You won’t be disappointed with this coloring decision.

Brown Lob with Bronzed Balayage

Want a super sleek style that suits your natural dark brown hair? This look combines dark brown and blonde, creating a striking contrast that highlights both the dark brown roots and the lighter ends. Rock this style with a chic and feminine lob.

Light Brown Balayage with Blonde Highlights

Choose a light brown balayage with blonde highlights for your hair. Color your balayage hair brown to get a soft, easy-to-maintain look. Keep in mind that your hair may get warmer with open-air applications like balayage. Did you know you can achieve a full balayage look on brown hair using a foilyage technique? Talk to your stylist about this method.

Soft Hazelnut Brown Tones

Get a runway-ready look with this hairstyle! If you want to impress everyone with a new style, we suggest trying brown balayage. Also, consider adding lighter strands at the front to frame your face and highlight your features.

Blended Caramel and brown Balayage

Give your brunette side a lift with a caramel balayage. These tones can help soften your facial features. Consider adding curls to your hair to showcase the brown-to-blonde balayage colors. Your stylist knows the best way to place them, so make sure to let them know how you usually style your hair.

Loose Waves with Chocolate Brown Balayage

Mixing light brown and caramel tones looks amazing, especially with beautiful wavy locks. But be aware, caramel brown balayage might make your hair look a bit orange as it lightens. Use blue shampoo to get rid of any brassy tones in your brown hair and keep it looking pretty!

Brown Balayage Long Pixie

Think about getting a brown balayage if you want to add depth to your long pixie. Avoid putting too many highlights to keep it looking deep and dimensional. Use Kevin Murphy’s Doo Over Powder Hairspray to give your pixie a big lift. It holds well and still brushes out easily the next day.

Natural Dark Balayage

Want to give your dark hair a little something extra? Chocolate brown balayage looks great with naturally dark tones. Try adding some sexy curls or beach waves for a chic and classy vibe. Going just a shade or two lighter than your natural color can make a big impact without a major change.

Sun-kissed Blonde Balayage 

Get a sun-kissed bronde balayage if you have brown hair and want a bit of dimension. It’s a low-maintenance and beautiful color that won’t harm your hair or create a harsh line as it grows out.

Subtle Ashy Brown

This gentle ash brown to pale blonde balayage offers neutral tones and natural blends, making it an ideal choice for those who are taking baby steps to experiment with hair color. Moreover, these hair styles are also easy to do and easy to care for.

Loose brown curls 

This is a familiar hair color that helps flatten your skin, making your face look brighter. It will give you smooth, shiny, and thick hair, mixed with a bit of gentleness and charm. However, this color is a bit dark and is more suitable for women aged 25 or older.

Light Brown Balayage

You don’t need a big color change to freshen up your style. Keep it simple by sticking to shades of brown and trying out dark blonde or neutral ashy highlights. This youthful combo is perfect for professionals who want to maintain a polished look.

Mushroom Brown Airtouch Balayage 

Switch things up with a cool mushroom brown Airtouch balayage. It’s a highlighting method that keeps your hair looking natural and blended. The secret to mushroom brown is including plenty of cool tones. Make sure to add a few warm tones to keep it shiny and smooth.

Soft Brown to Caramel Balayage

Choose a timeless balayage with a gentle fade from soft brown to caramel for your hair color. This combo looks very natural, and the transition of colors stays fresh as your hair grows. To enhance your new color, create long beach waves with a straightener to make the lighter pieces stand out even more.

Light Hazelnut Brown Balayage

Brown hair pairs beautifully with a light hazelnut balayage. If you want a change but prefer an easy-to-maintain style, go for a creamy blonde blend on your brunette locks. The hazelnut tones add a subtle touch of warmth while staying cool with a violet balance, making it a great choice for all skin tones.

Honey Brown Highlights

If you don’t like the ombre look, consider adding a honey brown shade all over your hair. Brunette balayage highlights quickly lighten up dark brown hair and give it an easy-to-manage dimensional look.

Dimension Light and Dark Brown Bob

Get soft and sultry hair with a bob that has both light and dark brown shades for dimension. Balayage on light brown hair is just right to lighten your hair naturally. A low-maintenance hand-painted balayage will make your strands shine when the sun hits.

Multi-Dimensional Lob

Experimenting with balayage is enjoyable, and you don’t have to limit yourself to just two colors. Instead of a direct shift from brown to light blonde, introduce tones of golden or light brown to create a smoother color transition. A lob with long layers is an ideal way to showcase the variety of shades you’re incorporating.

Long Waves with Light Highlights

Another harmonious combination option, this style incorporates hints of golden blonde throughout the hair. The contrasting light and dark shades are sure to catch the light as you pass by. Your appearance will look very feminine when choosing this hairstyle.

Ashy brown with Ash Silver Highlights 

If you want a mix of dark and light in your hair, try combining ashy brown with silver highlights. This unique look works well for people with neutral skin tones, and you can achieve the ashy tones through highlighting and balayage techniques.

Brown Lived-In Balayage on a Long Bob

If you rock long bob hairstyles, try a rich brown lived-in balayage. It’s a great idea for brown hair, with hints of beige gold that go well with pink and warm skin tones. This color is subtle yet bold, and a contrasting money piece with the same tones as dark brown makes it easy to grow out with low maintenance.

Dark Brunette to Warm Brown Ombre

Think about trying a dark brunette to warm ombré for your next hairstyle. Opting for a warmer brown balayage is perfect if you have dark brunette hair and want to lighten it. When making dark hair lighter, it tends to lift through warmer tones first. So, if you’re aiming for warmer tones with dark hair, it won’t cause as much damage as if you wanted cooler tones.

Bright Reddish and Blonde Highlights

Adding blonde and reddish highlights can bring life to dull darker hair. Pick your favorite golden and copper shades to revive your tired locks. Subtle waves are a great way to showcase the new color variations in your style.

Sun-Kissed Natural Look with Blonde Locks

If you have warm skin tones, sandy blonde highlights can look amazing on you! So, if that’s your vibe, give this stylish coloring idea a try. Balayage will make your natural hair color more interesting without needing a lot of upkeep.


Balayage on brown hair offers a stunning and versatile way to add dimension, depth, and warmth to your locks. Whether you desire subtle sun-kissed highlights or a bolder, more dramatic transformation, balayage provides a natural-looking, customized color that complements your existing brown base. The low-maintenance nature of balayage makes it a perfect choice for busy individuals who want to achieve a polished look without frequent salon visits. So, embrace the beauty of balayage and discover a new dimension to your brown hair.