If you want to have a beautiful body art design but don’t know where to start and what to go for, our list of tattoo ideas for women can help.

There are thousands of silhouettes to tattoo on different parts of your body. All are meaningful, stunning, and can match your personality. 

Skin art is like an accessory, defining your perfect appearance. Here are some suggestions to help you decide what your next piece of art will be. 

Tattoo ideas for women – Image source: Wikimedia commons


The most popular tattoos among women are flowers (such as roses), floral ornaments, and botanical elements. Many girls also like to get the moon or stars inked. Besides, animals, including cats, birds, elephants, and wolves, are among the most favorite choices.


Talking about butterflies, people usually think of beauty, femininity, and freedom. It is one of the most popular and beautiful women’s back tattoos. You can also have it on the upper arm or wrist.

There are many butterfly tattoo options, such as butterfly with symmetrical ornaments, crystal butterfly, butterfly and the moon, or minimalist butterfly. 


Placing a cute ribbon on the back of your body is a great idea to express yourself. A pink ribbon with small blinking stars will spark a sense of adorable, childish, soft, and shining.

You can also experiment with one or even both hands. Small inked ribbon silhouettes moving with your hand movements will be playful. 


It would be a mistake if we didn’t mention the floral tattoos for women on this list. All women love flowers, which are one of the best feminine expressions. 

Here, you have unlimited options. You can choose to get inked with any type of blossoms you like, any color you want, or just simple black. Flowers can stay alone or combine with other ornaments such as leaves, moon, butterfly, etc.

Flower tattoo designs – Image source: Deviant Art


If you’re inspired by the moon, why don’t you ink one on your body? It can be a crescent or full moon.

You can keep it simple or turn this ordinary object into an extraordinary piece of art by combining it with other elements (flowers or stars) or coloring it. A blue and purple full moon on your back is a good suggestion. 


Trees indicate life and growth. If you’re a person who values time, patience, and persistence, a tree tattoo is a great idea.

You can get a tree along your spine or trees of four seasons to remind us that time is moving forward and you should cherish every moment. 


Roses are the source of unlimited creativity. This symbol of love and passion will make you more beautiful and elegant.

You can place a small red rose on your back, a metallic rose on your arm, or a stunning rose covering up your forearm. No matter what size it is, it’s hard for a rose tattoo to go wrong. 

A rose tattoo is a popular option for women – Image source: Flickr


Bamboo is the symbol of strength, longevity, and perseverance. This tattoo idea is suitable for strong and wise women. 

An example is to put the bamboo with sparrows on the back. Sparrows will create more motion and make the picture more alive. 


Have you ever heard of famous Japanese origami? Having a small paper crane tattoo on your back or wrist can be a great idea. 

This cute silhouette presents the artistic side of you and sends hope in the future. You can choose to make it black or blue. 


Choosing a name as an inner bicep tattoo for women is popular. It can be your baby’s name to welcome this new family member to the world or the name of your beloved one who passed away to honor them.

There are various types of calligraphy, so you can go for any that you think is suitable. It can be only a moniker or combined with small ornaments such as a heart. 


Getting an inked wing on the body is not innovative, yet it’s still a great idea to make you look elegant. The wings symbolize strength and freedom; you can choose a big and colorful one on the arm.

Yet, it’s possible to have a minimalist wing on your hand. Besides, the matching wings on two elbows can also make you stand out.


Feathers are soft and fluffy, very suitable for feminine characteristics. The tattoo can come in a colorful version or just black and white.

Placing it on the back of your shoulder or around the collarbone creates a soft and somewhat secretive feeling.

A beautiful feather tattoo on foot – Image source: Flickr


Most women love cats, and cats feature women’s characteristics. That’s why having a cat tattoo is common and works well, whether you follow a cute or sexy style. 

A minimalist kitten design is enough to show you are a cat lover. Or you can try the matching cat idea on your two hands. Seeing your furry friend’s picture on your body is such a loving and relaxing feeling.  


Elephants are more fun to play with as a tattoo than you think. The animal represents family, loyalty, and protection. 

It’s not necessary to have a huge and ferocious elephant face (unless you want to); it can be a minimalist, cute, and playful tattoo. The most suitable places are not the arm or above the elbow.


If you love how the star shines at night in the sky, have one (or more) on your body. The small blinking object is simple but stunning. 

You can get it with minimal fuss on your wrist. There are also options to combine the star with the moon, rose, or other flower to craft a gorgeous feminine picture.


Birds symbolize freedom and hope, and it’s one of the inspirations for women’s back tattoos. A big, colorful bird on your back can present you as a person who values liberty.

Or you can try the symmetric birds, but the minimalist style, a simple but elegant option, will also work.

A cute bird tattoo – Image source: Flickr


Botanical elements such as vines and leaves are an excellent hand tattoo option. You can put one or multiple leaves and tailor-made their shapes to fit the space.

Besides, you can have it colored. Green is basic and simple, yet a touch of blue will make the silhouette more interesting and unique. 


Wolf is a fierce and strong animal, but that doesn’t mean a woman can’t have it as body artwork. There’s a way to make it more girly and become one of the most cool tattoo ideas for women.

The animal represents friendship, loyalty, and protection. Having a wolf decorated with flowers will add a feminine edge while keeping the original meaning of the animal. 


Just like names, you can ask the tattooist to put a word or number that is meaningful to you. It’s a good way to save your special days, such as your wedding or your baby’s birthday.

Besides being a person’s name, the phrases to tattoo can be places or any quotes that motivate you in life. You can put this tattoo on your hand, arm, or around the chest.

A meaningful tattoo – Image source: Flickr

Floral Bracelet 

A permanent piece of jewelry such as a floral bracelet can flatter a young girl or those who want to have a tattoo but are not too striking. You can choose a simple version of black and white or color it white and green, bringing a refreshing feeling.

You can have it wrapped around your wrist or arm. It’s also a good idea to have this floral combination with one tattoo on your finger as a ring. 


A tiny airplane is one of the cool tattoo ideas for women. It’s perfect for those who love to travel and explore the world. 

The airplane is small, cute, and very suitable for young souls. You can have it on your hand with a minimalist style. 


The heart shape is the source of inspiration for many designs. You can try something extraordinary with it by placing a pinned heart on your body.

This unique conventional heart-shaped tattoo shows your personality as a rational person, yet at the same time, possesses the softness and wisdom of a woman. 


The abstract design is simple but grabs attention quickly. It is a great inner bicep tattoo for women. Besides, you can have it on your thigh or ankle.

The bonus of the design is it’s delicate, clean, and sleek. Sometimes, people may also want to try guessing the silhouette’s meaning. 


There are thousands of tattoo ideas for women that can resonate with your character and present your beauty. 

You can have one or more silhouettes on your body. But if you’re a first-timer, we suggest you choose something small and simple, as the getting inked process will be easier and less painful.