20 gorgeous strawberry blonde hair color ideas

Strawberry blonde is a gorgeous and distinctive shade that seamlessly blends the warmth of red with the radiance of blonde. This unique combination results in a hair color that exudes vibrancy and charm. Whether you’re a natural redhead looking to enhance your hair or you’re considering a switch from your current shade, here are 20 strawberry blonde hair colors to inspire your next salon visit.

Classic Strawberry Blonde

Picture a timeless and elegant shade that combines golden blonde and red undertones. This classic strawberry blonde is universally adored for its versatility and timeless appeal.

Light Strawberry Blonde hair color

If you prefer a more delicate and ethereal look, opt for a lighter version of strawberry blonde. This variation incorporates subtle hints of pale pink and golden highlights for a soft, romantic appearance.

Dark Strawberry Blonde hair color

Take the richness of strawberry blonde up a notch with a deeper and more intense shade that showcases prominent red undertones. It’s perfect for those who desire a bolder look.

Copper Strawberry Blonde

For a fiery and bold appearance, choose a variation that leans more towards copper tones. This choice adds a dash of drama and character to your hair.

Rose Gold Strawberry Blonde

Keep up with the latest trends by infusing your strawberry blonde hair with a touch of rose gold. This contemporary twist introduces pinkish undertones for a chic and sophisticated finish.

Blonde Highlights

Elevate your strawberry blonde base with delicate blonde highlights. These highlights create a dynamic and multidimensional effect that’s truly eye-catching.

Auburn Tints

If you’re after a warmer and more intense look, mix in some auburn tints. This addition adds depth and dimension to your strawberry blonde hair.

Golden Strawberry Blonde

Embrace the warmth of golden undertones to achieve a sun-kissed glow. This choice is perfect for those who crave a luminous and natural appearance.

Caramel Infusion

For a sweet and delicious result, consider blending caramel hues into your strawberry blonde hair. This infusion adds a delectable touch of sophistication.

Honey Strawberry Blonde

Imagine your hair shining like honey in the sunlight. This variation is all about that sweet, golden glow that radiates warmth and charm.

Platinum Strawberry Blonde

If you lean towards cooler tones, try incorporating platinum highlights or undertones into your strawberry blonde hair. The result is a stunning and contemporary take on this classic shade.

Bronze Tones

Experiment with bronze undertones to create a unique and sophisticated strawberry blonde look. These tones add a touch of drama and intrigue.

Sunset Strawberry Blonde

Capture the breathtaking colors of a sunset with shades of pink, red, and gold. This variation allows you to flaunt a dynamic and vibrant appearance that mirrors nature’s beauty.

Peachy Strawberry Blonde

Add a touch of peach to your strawberry blonde hair for a soft and sweet look. The result is a delightful blend of delicate hues.


For a gradual and seamless transition of color, opt for a strawberry blonde balayage. This technique ensures a soft and natural progression from your roots to the tips.

Strawberry Ombre

Create a captivating ombre effect by transitioning into a lighter or darker hue as you move from your roots to your ends. This approach adds depth and interest to your hairstyle.

Fiery Tips

Maintain the roots in a classic strawberry blonde while adding fiery red tips for an edgy and sassy look. It’s an excellent way to stand out from the crowd.

Coppery Highlights

Boost the overall warmth of your strawberry blonde with the inclusion of coppery highlights. This fiery choice is sure to turn heads and make a statement.

Chestnut Strawberry Blonde

Infuse your strawberry blonde hair with chestnut tones to achieve a rich, earthy look. The combination creates a captivating fusion of warm and cool hues.

Dark Roots

Embrace a trendy and stylish contrast by keeping your roots in a darker shade while transitioning into strawberry blonde towards the ends. This technique is perfect for those who desire a low-maintenance yet fashionable look.

Final Takeaway

Strawberry blonde hair comes in an array of shades and styles to complement various skin tones and personal preferences. Whether you lean towards a natural, understated appearance or a bold, vibrant statement, these 20 strawberry blonde variations offer a world of possibilities. They can help you discover the perfect shade to enhance your unique beauty and express your individuality. So, go ahead, embrace the world of strawberry blonde and let your hair radiate its captivating charm!