Finding the perfect swimsuit can feel like a challenge, especially for those with a smaller bust. You want a suit that feels supportive, flattering, and confident, but many styles aren’t designed with a smaller frame in mind fret no more! Whether you’re a bikini lover, a one-piece enthusiast, or something in between, there are plenty of amazing swimsuit options out there that will make you feel amazing. Here are 20 of the best swimsuits for a small bust, so you can hit the beach or pool in style.



The Luxe ribbed fabric and alluring peek-a-boo cutout make this piece a standout choice for those seeking a stylish and bold look. However, there are some drawbacks to consider, such as non-adjustable straps and a tight-fitting band that may pose challenges for some wearers. Sizing up is recommended, as the absence of padding and the potential difficulty in achieving cleavage could be concerns, particularly for individuals with smaller busts. 

The under-boob look is suggested as an alternative to the more traditional styles. Available in a size range from XS to XL and offered in a sleek black hue, this garment is crafted from a blend of 88% Nylon and 12% Spandex for a comfortable and stretchy fit.


According to fashion expert and stylist Cindy Conroy, for those looking to accentuate a smaller bust, a bathing suit with a halter top or plunging neckline is the key. CUUP’s Plunge top expertly combines both a daring neckline and the reliable support and stability of a bra. What sets it apart is the availability in bra sizes, eliminating concerns about gaping or tightness. With a size range from 30 to 44 in bands and cup sizes spanning A to H, individuals can find a tailored fit that caters to their unique body shape. Additionally, CUUP offers a diverse selection with 15 colorways, allowing for personal style expression while ensuring a comfortable and fashionable swimwear experience.


Boasting a range of appealing features, this swimwear piece comes with padded, underwire-style cups, providing excellent support and shaping for those with smaller busts. The stretch fabric not only ensures a comfortable fit but also possesses quick-drying properties, making it an ideal choice for beachgoers. 

The versatility of this sweetheart neckline is enhanced by detachable straps, allowing wearers the option of a strapless look for added style. Additionally, the garment is fully lined and equipped with a convenient back clasp for easy wear. Despite its attractive qualities, one potential drawback is the cost, as it falls on the expensive side.


Sabal specializes in swimwear tailored for smaller busts, incorporating sewn-in silicone enhancers in the cups to provide a subtle lift and prevent any unexpected wardrobe malfunctions. It’s crucial not to size down when making a purchase. The available sizes include XS (A/AA), S, M, and L (C), catering to a range of body types. 

The color palette features Pink Hibiscus, Mediterranean Blue, Tropical Punch, Easy Breezy Blue, Pink Shimmer, and Onyx Black, offering diverse style options. Customers rave about the natural appearance, with no awkward gaps, a secure fit that requires minimal adjustment, and just enough cleavage – a noteworthy feature for those with AA/A cups. Positive experiences lead to the intention to purchase more from this swimwear line.


This versatile one-piece swimsuit offers a multitude of styling options, with the flexibility to be worn in six different ways, providing a variety of sexy looks. Featuring long adjustable straps, it allows for customization to suit individual preferences and body types. Despite its adaptability, one potential drawback is the minimal coverage in the bottom area.

Available in a broad size range from XS to 4XL, the swimsuit comes in chic matte black and flat white color options, catering to diverse tastes. Adding an eco-friendly touch, the material is crafted from recycled plastic water bottles, making it a sustainable and stylish choice for swimwear enthusiasts.


Anticipated to be the trendsetting choice for summer 2024, one-piece swimsuits are expected to dominate, with a particular emphasis on styles featuring “strategically placed laser cut-outs.” This highlighted pick stands out with its clever design, utilizing stripes to create a flattering curve while ensuring the secure placement of the chest. The black and white color scheme adds a touch of sophistication, reminiscent of Barbie’s iconic swimsuit but without fully embracing the traditional pink theme. 

This chic and contemporary swimsuit is available in sizes ranging from XS to XL, offering a size-inclusive option for a diverse range of body types. Embrace the upcoming summer style with this on-trend piece that seamlessly combines fashion-forward design with a nod to iconic influences.


This swimsuit top stands out with its underwire cups, providing support and structure that is particularly beneficial for individuals with a small bust. The adjustable straps and back tie closure ensure a customizable fit, adding to the comfort and versatility of the garment. However, the delicate shimmer fabric may require extra care, and the absence of padding could be a consideration for some. Following the rule of thumb that bra-like structures are advantageous for small busts, this top offers a fitted and uplifting style. 

For a coordinated look, it pairs seamlessly with the brand’s Byron Bottom. The size range is inclusive, accommodating Petite, S-L, Voluptuous, Very Voluptuous, and Very Very Voluptuous sizes. With a vast array of 20 color options, this swimsuit top allows for personal style expression. Crafted from a blend of 78% Nylon, 12% Metallic, and 10% Spandex, the material ensures a comfortable and stylish beachwear experience.


For those looking to enhance their bust, swimsuits with embellishments are recommended, and this ruffle bikini top perfectly fits the bill. The playful ruffles strategically draw attention towards the chest, creating the illusion of a fuller bust. Featuring adjustable neck and back ties, the top allows for customization to suit individual body shapes. Aerie offers the flexibility to mix and match with several bottoms available in the same pattern. 

The size range is comprehensive, catering to XS (30B/C/D, 32A/B), S, M, L, and XL (36DD, 38B/C/D, 40C/D), ensuring a suitable fit for various body types. The colorways of Resort Red, Shell Pink, and Celebrity Green provide vibrant options for personal style preferences. A satisfied tester expresses their enthusiasm, describing the set as “head over heels obsessed” with a cute print, making it a go-to choice for the upcoming summer season.


This teeny bikini top exudes heat with its enticing features, including double front ties and a sultry keyhole design. Despite its strapless nature, the top feels surprisingly supportive, making it a worthwhile investment for a sleek and stylish beach look. The tri-slot hook adds a customizable element, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. The inclusion of removable padding adds versatility to the design. 

The size range spans from XS to XXL, catering to a broad spectrum of body sizes. With an array of 10 color options, this bikini top allows for personal style expression. Crafted from 80% recycled nylon and 20% spandex, the material not only contributes to sustainability but also ensures a comfortable and eco-friendly beachwear experience.


This alluring one-piece swimsuit takes a bold approach with a generous cutout in the torso, creating a sexy and attention-grabbing look. While it may sacrifice some support, it compensates by showcasing underboob for a daring and trendy style. The inclusion of adjustable straps allows for a customized level of support, catering to individual preferences and body types. Adding to its appeal, the control top torso features ruched detailing, enhancing both the aesthetics and the fit of the swimsuit.

With sizes ranging from S to XL, this swimsuit caters to a variety of body sizes, ensuring a comfortable and flattering fit for a diverse range of wearers. The colorways, available in 10 different options, provide ample choices for personal style expression, allowing individuals to find the perfect hue that complements their taste and preferences. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or hitting the beach, this sexy one-piece offers a contemporary and confident swimwear option.


This swimsuit top boasts a range of desirable features, including being fully lined, a back clasp closure, and a stylish thick strap design that not only offers support but also adds a trendy touch. The flattering ruched detailing and underwire cups further enhance the overall aesthetic. However, potential drawbacks include the observation that it runs small and comes with non-adjustable straps. The strategically placed underwire ensures a precise lift, catering to those seeking additional support. 

The size range spans from XS to XL, accommodating various body types and ensuring a comfortable fit. With a diverse selection of 9 color options, individuals have the opportunity to express their personal style while enjoying the benefits of sustainable fashion. Crafted from 78% recycled polyamide and 22% elastane, this swimsuit not only prioritizes style but also contributes to environmental sustainability.


Finding a flattering bathing suit can be a challenge for anyone, and the task becomes even more daunting when shopping for extended sizes with a small bust. Featuring a high neck and a more relaxed fit at the top, it addresses the common struggle of finding swimwear that accommodates a smaller bust without sacrificing style. The high-cut leg design not only adds a trendy touch but also provides room without appearing baggy, striking a balance between comfort and fashion.

This swimsuit is available in a size range from 14 to 24, ensuring inclusivity and catering to a diverse range of body sizes. For further versatility, it is also offered in sizes 0 to 12. The sage green colorway adds a touch of elegance to the overall design, providing a chic and fashionable option for those seeking extended sizes with a small bust. 


Dedication runs deep for Pepper, especially when it comes to swimwear. Described as a ride-or-die choice, Pepper ensures a loyal following, particularly for those who’ve struggled with gaps at the top of swimsuit cups. Specializing in sizes for AA, A, and B cup chests, every product from Pepper is meticulously engineered to provide a perfect fit. 

The size range is extensive, starting from XXS (30A/B) to XL (40AA/A), covering a broad spectrum of body types. The colorways, including Shiso Lavender, Black, Flora, and Jungle, offer stylish options to suit various preferences. For those seeking swimwear tailored to smaller busts, Pepper stands out as a reliable and dedicated choice, prioritizing both comfort and style.


This swimsuit offers a sculpting fit, ensuring a flattering and comfortable experience. The plunging neckline adds a touch of allure, creating a chic and stylish look. With a high-cut style and medium coverage brief, this swimsuit strikes a balance between trendy design and practical coverage. The adjustable shoulder straps provide customization for an optimal fit, catering to individual preferences

Available in sizes ranging from XS to XL, this swimsuit caters to various body types. The extensive selection of 14 color options allows for personal style expression, ensuring there’s a suitable choice for everyone. Crafted from 84% Polyamide and 16% Elastane, the material not only provides a comfortable and stretchy fit but also adds to the overall durability of the swimsuit. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or making a splash, this head-turning swimsuit combines fashion-forward design with a daring neckline.


Embrace the itsy bitsy bikini trend with confidence, especially if you have smaller boobs, as it allows for carefree beach days without concerns about wardrobe mishaps. This particular bikini is not only stringy and teeny tiny but also adjustable around the neck and back, offering the flexibility to readjust as needed for a perfect fit. With sizes ranging from XS to XXL, and available in an elegant Ivory colorway, this bikini caters to a range of body types while ensuring you can flaunt a stylish and daring look by the water.


This versatile one-piece goes beyond swimwear, doubling as a stylish bodysuit. Boasting built-in shapewear, it offers a smoothing and sculpting effect throughout the bodice. The 360-degree shelf bra ensures ample chest lift, and the ultra-thin straps can be adjusted for a wider back width or a criss-cross design. With a UPF 50+ rating, it provides sun protection for outdoor activities. However, the higher leg rise and cheekier bottom coverage may be a consideration for some. 

Available in sizes 0-20, and presented in Navy, Caviar, Latte, and Leopard color options, this one-piece caters to various body types and style preferences. Crafted from 57% polyamide and 43% elastane, the material ensures a comfortable and stretchy fit while maintaining its functionality. Whether you’re hitting the beach or styling it as a bodysuit, this piece is a go-to solution for feeling confident and comfortable.


Effortlessly transition from beach days to casual outings with this versatile one-piece from Ookioh, designed to double as a stylish top when you’re done soaking up the sun. The convenience of transforming it into a chic ensemble is as simple as pairing it with jeans or a skirt – a quick and fashionable solution for on-the-go style.

The sizing options cover a broad range, starting from XS (30A/B/C, 32A/B) to S – 4XL (42DD, 44A/B/C), ensuring a comfortable and flattering fit for various body types. Available in a calming Blue colorway, this piece adds a touch of elegance to your beachwear and seamlessly transitions into a stylish outfit for any post-beach activities. With Ookioh’s versatile design, enjoy a hassle-free and fashion-forward approach to your beach-to-street wardrobe changes.


Finding the perfect strapless bikini can be challenging, especially when considering the uncertainty of how it will fit the bust. However, this swimsuit eliminates the guesswork with its ruched fabric that stretches to accommodate any bust size. The self-tie back ensures a customized and snug fit around the bust, providing confidence in the overall comfort and support. For additional security, the top comes with removable straps, offering versatility in styling and extra reassurance if needed.

Available in a range of sizes from XS (30A/B, 32A) to XL (38DD, 40C/D), this bikini caters to a diverse spectrum of body types. The delightful Floral Print adds a touch of charm to the design, making it a stylish and practical choice for those seeking a reliable and adjustable strapless option for beach days or poolside lounging.


Featuring a trendy cut-out front, it allows wearers to showcase a fun ’90s print that captures attention. The lace-up front adds a chest-enhancing element, as it can be tightened to create a bit of cleavage for added allure. The flexibility continues, as this top can be worn in multiple ways, allowing for creative and personalized styling. Crafted from 82% recycled polyamide and 18% spandex knit, it aligns with sustainable fashion choices. 

However, the top’s appeal comes at a cost, as it falls on the expensive side. The size range spans from S to L, offering a range of options for various body sizes, and the Multicolor scheme adds vibrancy to the overall design. Elevate your beach or poolside look by pairing it with high bikini bottoms for sophistication or wide-legged denim for a cutesy daytime ensemble.


Leverage the advantages of a smaller bust with confidence in this alluring string bikini. The design not only allows you to showcase your style but also alleviates concerns about wardrobe mishaps often associated with tiny strings. Available in sizes ranging from S to XL, this bikini ensures a comfortable and flattering fit for various body types. 

The Aqua colorway adds a refreshing and vibrant element, enhancing the overall beach-ready aesthetic. Embrace the freedom and charm of this string bikini tailored for those with a smaller bust, providing a delightful and worry-free beach experience.


Selecting the perfect swimsuit revolves around discovering a style that instills comfort and confidence. Take the time to explore various cuts and designs, trying on different styles until you find the one that suits you best. Embrace your body as it is, recognizing that the key is to feel good about yourself. If you’re unsure where to begin, consider these helpful tips and tricks to ease the process during your next shopping venture.


Let go of self-doubt and embrace your unique body! With these 20 diverse, figure-flattering swimsuits, you’re sure to find the perfect one that will make you feel confident and comfortable, ready to take on any summer adventure. From one-piece swimsuits to high-leg bikinis, there will be a choice for you. Remember, the most important thing is to choose a swimsuit that makes you feel great, no matter your size or bust. Now, have fun and bask in the sun!