Let’s face it, finding fashionable and comfortable shoes, especially high heels, can be a challenge for women with wide feet. But don’t worry yet. We’ll list high heels specifically designed for wider feet, giving you tips and suggestions to help you confidently step out in heels that fit you well. Let’s get started!


Strappy sandals are the perfect choice for warm weather and sunny days. These sandals have multiple thin bands that crisscross over the top of your foot, creating a stylish and breezy look. They are great for letting your feet feel the fresh air while keeping you comfortably cool. The straps provide a secure fit, keeping your feet in place as you walk around. Strappy sandals come in various colors and designs, making it easy to find a pair that matches your style and outfits. 


These popular shoes, available in two width options and a variety of colors, offer a solution for those with wider feet seeking comfort without breaking the bank. Priced under $100, these classic closed-toe pumps address the potential discomfort of traditional designs. The wide heel enhances stability, and the cushioned insole ensures a cozy feel. Despite the somewhat basic design and a heel height that might be a touch high for prolonged wear, these internet-famous shoes strike a balance between style, affordability, and comfort. The flexible leather upper accommodates swelling, making them a reliable choice for all-day comfort at an accessible price point.


These elegant asymmetrical faux suede mules not only showcase style but also prioritize comfort with a lightly padded footbed. The thoughtful design ensures proper support for the balls of your feet without causing any sensation of tightness or discomfort at the front. Slip into these chic mules for a sophisticated look that doesn’t compromise on ease and enjoy a balance of fashion and foot-friendly design.


These shoes boast a square toe, providing ample wiggle room for your feet, and a knit upper that is remarkably stretchy and forgiving. While the ribbed fabric may not appeal to everyone, and the style leans more towards a daytime look, the overall pros include the spacious square toe design and the comfortable, flexible knit upper. These qualities make these shoes a practical choice for those who prioritize comfort and versatility in their footwear.


Ideal for a seamless transition from day to night, these shoes offer versatile style. The adjustable back ensures a comfortable fit, accommodating individual preferences. However, limited color options are available for wide width, and they may not be the top choice for extended walks. In summary, these shoes strike a balance between day-to-night wear with their adjustable design, but potential drawbacks include a restricted color range for wider feet and a preference for shorter walks over long distances.


The A New Day Women’s Basil Mule Heels are a pair of slip-on sandals designed to add a touch of chic style to your wardrobe. They feature a 3.25-inch heel for a leg-lengthening effect, along with two bands with a woven design for a unique and stylish look. The open toe keeps your feet cool and comfortable, while the solid black color makes them versatile enough to pair with a variety of outfits, from dresses to office wear. With their easy slip-on design and comfortable materials, these heels are a great choice for a night out or a day at the office.


The elasticized back ensures a comfortable fit, making them ideal for long hours on your feet. Additionally, their lightweight design makes them a convenient choice for travel. However, potential buyers should be aware that these shoes may require going up half a size for an optimal fit. While the ballet-inspired silhouette and rounded toe add a touch of elegance, the casual look is accentuated by the pull tab in the back. 


These heeled booties designed for wide feet have become a delightful addition to my footwear collection, offering a blend of pros and cons. The standout flexibility ensures they never feel stiff, providing a comfortable and natural fit. The real suede construction at an affordable price point adds a touch of luxury to the equation. However, potential buyers should note the absence of half sizes and be aware that some reviewers have found the shaft to be a bit tight. Despite these considerations, these wide-fit booties feature a zip-side closure and thick flared heels, ensuring a snug yet stylish fit. 


These heels strike a perfect balance between height and comfort, earning them a spot as a favorite among wearers. Offering a pleasing elevation, they don’t sacrifice on comfort, making them an ideal choice for extended wear, as attested by numerous reviewers. It’s worth noting that initial snugness in the front straps may be experienced, and the wide width fit primarily accommodates a broader toe box. Despite these considerations, the overall consensus is that these heels provide a stylish solution for those seeking both elevation and extended comfort throughout the day.


The Stuart Weitzman pointed-toe pumps seamlessly blend fashion and function, making them a valuable addition to any wardrobe. Boasting an ultra-sleek silhouette that stands the test of time, these pumps exude timeless elegance. While their chic stiletto heel and all-leather construction make them visually striking, it’s worth noting that the wide width option might have limited availability in terms of colors and sizes. Despite their higher price tag, these pumps are considered by reviewers to be surprisingly functional, even for those with wider feet, making them a potentially worthwhile investment for a classic and versatile wardrobe essential.


Available in cracked metallic leather or raffia uppers, these heels prioritize comfort with memory foam insoles that reviewers find exceptionally comfy. While the ankle strap is thin and may not provide extensive support, its adjustability, coupled with an open round toe, accommodates wider feet effectively. Despite the ruffled detail not being universally appealing, these heels are considered wide foot-friendly, offering a delightful combination of style and comfort for those who appreciate both the unique design and cushioned insoles.


While these slip-ons may come in a single width, they are designed with a snug yet flexible vamp strap that avoids any sense of restriction, providing ample breathing room for your feet. The lightweight feel adds to their appeal, making them a comfortable choice for extended wear. However, potential buyers should be aware that going up half a size may be necessary for an optimal fit. The minor drawback of traction not being the best, the wrapped block heel enhances walking comfort, making these mules a stylish and practical option, especially for those who may not typically favor heels.


When it comes to finding suitable high heels for wide feet, these shoes present a mix of advantages and considerations. The insole, generously cushioned for comfort, stands out as a positive feature, while the stacked heel provides just the right amount of height for an elegant look. However, testers have noted that the toe strap might feel a bit tight initially, requiring some time to break in. Additionally, determining the correct size may pose a challenge, adding a layer of complexity to the fitting process. 


These sandals for wide feet women offer a combination of advantages and considerations. Notably, the thick ankle strap stands out as a supportive feature, providing a sense of security for wearers. The chunky heel adds to the appeal, offering both stability for walking and comfort for those who enjoy dancing in their sandals. However, potential buyers should be aware that the available color options in the wide width are somewhat limited. Additionally, it takes some patience for the front strap to stretch out, requiring initial adjustment for optimal comfort. 


Defying the notion that those with wide feet can’t embrace super-high heels, these high-heel sandals offer a blend of advantages and considerations. Available in three widths and three bold color options, these sandals boast a minimalist, slip-on design for effortless wear. The elastic side gore ensures a secure fit without feeling overly tight, providing versatility for various foot sizes. Buyers should be mindful of the front strap, which may initially feel a bit snug. It’s important to note that these sandals don’t offer ankle support, but the hidden elastic in the ankle straps contributes to a snug fit. 


The search for heels that accommodate wide feet is often met with challenges, but there are undoubtedly options available that combine style and comfort seamlessly. Finding the perfect pair among these 15 options may well open the door to a world where wide feet can confidently and comfortably rock a variety of stylish heels.