Taming those beautiful waves and achieving that perfect balance of definition and bounce can feel like a mystery. But worry not, Unleash your hair’s natural potential with our curated list of the top 15 shampoos designed specifically for wavy hair. We’ve got options to address frizz, boost volume, and enhance those gorgeous S-shaped strands, all formulated to keep your waves looking healthy, hydrated, and oh-so-defined. Get ready to say goodbye to limp, lackluster locks and hello to bouncy, show-stopping waves!



This shampoo for wavy hair strikes a perfect balance by thoroughly cleansing while preserving natural oils, ideal for fine waves or nearly curly textures. Its super hydrating and nourishing formula ensures your hair stays moisturized without feeling weighed down. However, individuals with super fine, thin hair might find it too heavy for their hair type. What sets it apart is its avoidance of potentially harmful ingredients, opting instead for a natural formulation that effectively removes buildup. With a generous size of 8.45 oz., it offers lasting value and performance for those seeking a gentle yet effective hair care solution.


The Aveda Be Curly shampoo is a popular choice for people with curly or wavy hair. It’s well-liked because it works well and has been around for a long time. Unlike many other similar products, it gives your hair moisture without making it too heavy, so even if your hair is thin, it won’t feel weighed down. It has good stuff like wheat protein and aloe vera that make your hair healthy. Some people say the smell doesn’t last very long, but it still keeps your hair moisturized. It comes in a convenient 8.5 fl. oz. size and has a high rating of 4.5/5 stars at Nordstrom, making it a reliable choice for taking care of your curly or wavy hair.


This Briogeo shampoo is creamy and light, with natural ingredients full of vitamins that keep your waves looking good and stop frizz. You don’t need much of it – using too much might make your hair feel heavy.

It’s like a vitamin boost for your waves, according to Michael Dueñas, a famous hairstylist. He says it’s made mostly from natural stuff, around 95 percent. This shampoo makes your hair shiny and full while giving it lots of moisture. The main ingredient is rice amino acids, which lock in moisture and keep frizz away. They also make your hair stronger with vitamins E and B. Another important ingredient is quinoa, which hydrates your hair and makes it stronger with antioxidants and amino acids, so your waves stay bouncy.

To keep your hair hydrated, shiny, and soft, this shampoo has three powerful moisturizers: avocado oil, glycerin, and tomato fruit ferment. They work together to make your hair look great from the roots to the tips.


This sulfate-free shampoo caters to all wave types, from fine to thick, making it versatile for various hair textures. While it offers broad compatibility, some users have reported a slight dryness in their hair after use.

Recommended by celebrity hairstylist Castillo Bataille, this shampoo is designed to keep your waves healthy and hydrated during wash days. Its sulfate-free formula is packed with liquid proteins, which are known to strengthen dry and brittle hair, reducing breakage and frizz.

With a generous size of 10.1 oz., this shampoo provides ample product for regular use, ensuring your waves receive the care they need to stay vibrant and resilient. While some users may experience minor dryness, its sulfate-free formulation remains a beneficial option for maintaining the health and integrity of your wavy hair.


LUS offers a shampoo that is safe for all curl types but might be too heavy for very fine hair. Instead of relying solely on post-shower products, LUS believes in the efficacy of wash-out products. Their shampoo is enriched with hydrating oils and butters, ensuring a gentle cleanse without stripping the hair or leaving it overly dry. The outcome is hair that demands fewer leave-in treatments for definition and texture enhancement. Key ingredients such as shea butter and moringa oil contribute to its nourishing properties. Available in a convenient 8.5 fl. oz. size, this shampoo has earned a commendable Amazon rating of 4.6/5 stars, making it a promising choice for those seeking comprehensive care for their curls.


Pantene’s latest sulfate and silicone-free formula is fortified with antioxidant-rich rice water and rice bran, promising to strengthen your hair to its fullest potential. Additionally, the inclusion of pro-vitamin B5 offers restorative and smoothing properties, capable of revitalizing hair and shielding it against environmental stressors such as pollution or heat damage.

Users report noticeable improvements after just one wash, with softer strands and a reduction in split ends and breakage over time. Despite its luxurious results, this product remains surprisingly affordable, defying its price point. It’s a choice you shouldn’t overlook on your next Insta-cart order.

When used in conjunction with the conditioner, this duo delivers ample moisture, making it a suitable option for those with dry, wavy hair. With a size of 9.5 oz and key ingredients including rice water, pro-vitamin B-5, and sodium citrate, this sulfate-free formula offers comprehensive care for your hair while leaving a pleasant scent.


This shampoo goes beyond just cleaning. It features a unique blend of botanical extracts, including hops, jasmine flower, and lemon peel. These natural ingredients work together to promote shine and enhance your waves’ natural radiance. Curlsmith Shine Shampoo utilizes a mild foaming surfactant system. This innovative formula effectively cleanses your scalp and removes dirt and buildup, all without being harsh on your hair. A gentle approach is crucial for wavy hair, as harsh shampoos can strip away essential oils and leave your waves dry and frizzy. The fragrance-free formula makes Curlsmith Shine Shampoo a great choice for those with sensitive scalps.


OGX Lightweight + Coconut Fine Curls Shampoo is designed to provide lightweight hydration to fine, wavy hair, ensuring your waves stay bouncy and full of life without feeling weighed down. Enriched with coconut water, it offers essential moisture while enhancing your natural curl pattern, promoting definition and separation for beautifully shaped waves. Additionally, it works as a frizz fighter, keeping unruly frizz in check to leave your waves smoother and more manageable. Infused with a delightful coconut scent, this shampoo adds a touch of tropical paradise to your hair care routine. Ideal for those with fine, wavy hair seeking defined, bouncy waves, it addresses concerns of limp, weighed-down waves and frizz, making it a potential game-changer. 


Dove’s reputation for versatile formulas that cater to various hair textures is exemplified once again in their shampoo, recommended by celebrity hairstylist Annagjid Kee Taylor and even endorsed by pop star Olivia Rodrigo. Tailored specifically for wavy hair, Taylor highlights its effectiveness in removing product build-up while ensuring exceptional hydration. This achievement is notable considering the potential drying effects of sulfates found in many cleansing shampoos; however, Dove’s inclusion of shea butter and coconut oil results in deeply moisturized hair. Furthermore, the addition of aloe, renowned for its antibacterial properties, contributes to the shampoo’s ability to both hydrate and cleanse the hair effectively. Although it may take longer to lather compared to other shampoos, its efficacy remains uncompromised. 


Ouai Detox Shampoo is a powerful cleanser made to deeply clean your hair and scalp by getting rid of product buildup, dirt, and minerals from hard water. It contains apple cider vinegar, which not only cleans but also makes your hair shiny. Plus, it has keratin to strengthen your hair and prevent it from breaking, especially after cleaning out buildup. This shampoo doesn’t have sulfates, so it won’t strip away your hair’s natural oils, which is important for keeping your hair healthy, especially if it’s dry or colored. It’s suitable for different types of hair and issues. If you use a lot of hair products, have dull hair from hard water, or have scalp problems like itchiness or flakes, this shampoo can help. Ouai Detox Shampoo is great for giving your hair a fresh start and making it feel renewed.


Hey there, wavy-haired pals! If you’re after those defined, bouncy waves with a lovely shine, SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Shampoo could be just what you need. This shampoo is made especially for wavy hair, giving it the care it craves. First up, coconut oil is a real hero here. It deeply hydrates your hair, fighting off frizz and dryness, which wavy hair often struggles with. This hydration keeps your waves elastic and defined. Then there’s hibiscus flower extract, which adds a natural shine to your waves, waving goodbye to dullness and hello to radiant, healthy-looking hair. And let’s not forget about neem oil. It’s a frizz-fighting champ, helping to tame those pesky flyaways and leaving your waves smooth, manageable, and well-defined. This shampoo is sulfate-free, meaning it cleans your scalp and hair gently without being rough. It also smells amazing, with a naturally fragrant coconut scent that brings a touch of the tropics to your shower time.


Oribe has once again caught our attention with its sulfate-free shampoo, offering wavy hair a treat rich in antioxidants and amino acids that enhance shine and strengthen strands. While we appreciate its revitalizing effects, it’s worth noting that frequent use might leave low porosity hair looking a bit greasy.

Oribe’s allure goes beyond its captivating packaging. This high-end brand employs its signature complex — a fusion of watermelon, lychee, and edelweiss flower — to impart a silky smoothness to our locks. What sets this formula apart for wavy hair is its focus on type 2 curls, like those soft waves sported by Madeline Cline. By incorporating an amino acid complex, it aims to accentuate these curls into a graceful S-shaped pattern, resulting in stronger strands and reduced split ends over time.


Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo is a lifeline of moisture for those with dry, thirsty waves, offering a gentle yet effective solution for daily cleansing. This shampoo understands the delicate balance that wavy hair requires, effectively removing dirt and buildup from the scalp and hair without stripping away essential oils crucial for hydration and shine.

What sets Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo apart is its moisture-rich blend, featuring argan oil, renowned for its hydrating properties and rich in antioxidants. Additionally, it includes vitamins A and E, along with moisturizing red algae, to deeply nourish and quench dehydrated waves. The formula is gentle enough for daily use, ensuring that waves remain healthy and hydrated without the risk of over-stripping.


Virtue shampoo stands out for its use of a patented keratin ingredient exclusive to the brand, offering long-term benefits in reducing frizz. While its efficacy in this regard is commendable, some users find the scent to be overpowering.

Achieving the glossy, frizz-free locks akin to Dua Lipa’s often feels like an elusive goal for those with frizz-prone wavy hair. However, Virtue shampoo proves to be a game-changer in this pursuit, providing unparalleled results in smoothing flyaways and maintaining long-lasting effects. Infused with conditioning phospholipids and pink pomelo, rich in vitamins A, B1, and zinc, users notice silkier and stronger hair after just one wash.

While many products incorporate keratin, they often lack complete sequence identity with human hair keratin, leading to reduced efficacy. What sets Virtue shampoo apart is its patented ingredient, Alpha Keratin 60ku, which closely mirrors the protein found in our hair and nails. This unique formulation ensures superior performance, delivering exceptional results for wavy hair struggling with frizz and lackluster shine.


Schwarzkopf made a shampoo for people with wispy wavy hair. It’s light so it won’t make thin hair heavy. It’s made for lighter hair colors like blonde, so it won’t make them look bad. They put marula oil in it to help fix damaged hair. And they have a special system to make hair stronger and stop it from breaking.Some people might find the smell too strong, but it goes away fast. It comes in a 10 oz bottle and has stuff like hydrolyzed keratin and Sclerocarya birrea seed oil in it. It’s scented and doesn’t have sulfates, which makes it good for people who want to take care of their wispy wavy hair.


Wavy hair tends to dry out quickly, so it’s important to choose a hydrating shampoo packed with oils. However, creamy or rich shampoos can weigh down your hair, so it’s better to use them sparingly. Look for products with coconut oil, argan oil, and jojoba oil, as well as glycerin and plant-based butters like shea and cocoa, along with essential oils such as lavender and almond, which help combat frizz.

Consider your hair texture when selecting a shampoo. If you have fine and thin hair that’s also dry, opt for a caffeine-infused shampoo with moisturizing ingredients to add volume. For fine hair, choose formulas with oils listed further down the ingredient list to avoid weighing down your hair. However, for thick or coarse hair, don’t hesitate to use shampoos with oils as the first or second ingredient. Humectants like glycerine and hydrating butters are beneficial for coarse textures, like those found in Bumble & bumble Curl Moisturizing Shampoo.

Sulfates in shampoos can strip the hair of its natural oils, leading to a dry or irritated scalp. While sulfates may not affect everyone or all formulas, opting for a sulfate-free formula is beneficial, especially for damaged hair. These shampoos prevent moisture loss while effectively cleansing the hair. Look for plant-derived surfactants or ingredients with natural antibacterial properties like aloe and witch hazel to gently dissolve oils and dirt without stripping the hair of moisture.


After a day with wavy hair that last all day, it’s time to relax with shampoos designed specifically for curly hair. By carefully choosing the right shampoo and paying attention to key ingredients, those with wavy hair can achieve beautiful, voluminous hair while maintaining the vitality of their curls.