13 Best Work Bags for Women Who Mean Business

A work bag is more than simply a bag; in fact, there’s a big difference between a mediocre and an outstanding one. Any commuter who frequents coffee shops or the workplace would agree. Carrying a work bag should be made of sturdy materials, easily arranged, capable of safeguarding your laptop, and spacious enough to accommodate all your daily necessities. It should also be adaptable enough to accompany you to after-work events like happy hour or fitness classes. If you are interested, let us show 13 best work bags for women that everyone should get one.

MODOKER Vintage Laptop Backpack

This antique laptop backpack by Modoker is the pinnacle of female work bags thanks to its numerous functions. It is suitable for corporate settings due to its first feature—a very elegant, square structure with brown leather embellishments. The matte texture and mint green tint, however, make it appropriate for more informal settings. It doesn’t seem very large, but it is really roomy and can fit all of your daily necessities. Additionally, a built-in USB connector allows you to charge your smartphone while on the road. Everything you need can fit in there, but there isn’t room for a water bottle.

NUBILY Laptop Shoulder Bag

Due to its basic design and strong construction, this leather work tote bag from Nubily can be regarded as the pinnacle of professionalism. Because of its aesthetics, it goes well with every business suit. The bag has four main compartments, one padded compartment for a laptop, and extra zippered pockets for your phone, stationery, wallet, glasses, etc., which make it easy to manage your essentials. Additionally, it has long detachable crossbody straps that may be used to sling it across like a crossbody work bag and adjustable shoulder straps. Given that it’s not particularly durable, you might want to handle it gently.

KROSER Laptop Backpack

Invest in this ergonomic laptop bag for ladies to avoid wearing out your muscles and joints because it has backstraps and arm straps so you can carry it in different ways. Additionally, this bag’s innovative, cutting-edge design is to die for because it functions as both a tote and a knapsack. Despite having a highly tapered appearance, it has plenty of room and enlarges as you put more things inside. Additionally, it has cushioned laptop and tablet compartments that are designed to offer impact protection.

Lovevook Quilted Laptop Backpack

This women’s laptop work bag has a classic ovular shape and quilted design that makes it unlikely to go out of style. In contrast to most work bags out there, this backpack comes with breathable mesh back straps to relieve tension from your shoulders and allow you to carry it around with ease. It has three major compartments with a padded laptop sleeve and numerous small pockets to organize your essentials. Besides comfort, the sturdy structure and minimalistic aesthetic of this bag make it appropriate for corporate and other formal settings.

Lubardy Women’s Laptop Bag

This Lubardy laptop bag features a basic design that is titivated by the ritzy crocodile skin texture and gold embellishments. It has a main compartment, a huge zipped pocket with fine slots to hold tiny necessities and a laptop sleeve that is heavily padded. Additionally, the bag repels water from the inside out, protecting your possessions. Additionally, this bag complements every attire and is good for all settings, making it a versatile option. It could have a very awful smell when it’s new but you will get used to it.

Cuyana Tall Easy Tote

The Cuyana Classic Tote is a fantastic work bag since it is roomy, stylish, and easy to use. Its unstructured body and soft, pebbled leather surface make it simple to carry with you everywhere, and its tall silhouette easily accommodates all of your business needs. You should expect the bag to lie under your desk without any support because of its soft material, which prevents it from standing on its own. The bag is available in eight colors (neutrals and bright hues), three sizes (small, classic, and tall), and two designs (zipper, no zipper). The tote is large, but it doesn’t have any divisions inside to keep things organized, so you might have to dig through it to find little things. Nevertheless, you can pack bulkier things in this roomy area.

Longchamp Small Le Pliage Nylon Shoulder Tote

For individuals who only need to bring a few things to and from the office, this miniature version of the well-known Longchamp Le Pliage Tote is ideal. Your belongings stay dry inside thanks to the water-resistant nylon material, and its small size makes it easy to transport and store beneath desks and tables. Because of its foldable form, the bag is incredibly portable and ideal for traveling with only carry-on luggage for business trips. With the exception of one internal slide pocket, the tote does not have any organizing compartments, but its compact size makes it simple to find the things you need. However, this causes the bag to fill up quickly and can quickly become heavy. If it becomes too full, the tiny leather straps could also chafe against your shoulder.

lululemon Clean Lines Tote Bag 22L

Long commutes and overnight excursions are ideal for the Lululemon Clean Lines Tote Bag. Water-repellent and lightweight, the materials are made of recycled nylon and polyester. The tote is especially appropriate for taking to the gym after work because of its athletic appearance. Additionally, the zipper closing guarantees the security and safety of your possessions. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that zipping a jacket requires two hands, which may not be convenient for quick access when rushing. 

Fit + Fresh Metro Tote 2-in-1 Quilted Multi-Purpose Travel Bag

Users will find the Fit + Fresh Metro Tote 2-in-1 Quilted Multi-Purpose Travel Bag to be a fashionable and functional bag. It is a sizable tote bag with a detachable insulated cooler bag, making it easy to store and regulate the temperature of snacks and beverages. Travelers will find this bag to be both useful and stylish, with its big interior, several pockets for organization, and sturdy construction. It may be used as a carry-on, gym bag, or everyday tote. Though the zipper is prone to breaking easily, this bag is still fairly decent.

Tory Burch Perry Triple-Compartment Tote Bag

Although the Tory Burch Perry Triple-Compartment Tote Bag is pricey, its structural form, silky pebbled leather, and elegant styling make it worth the money. Ours had flawless, non-fraying stitching, opulently silky leather, and an upright design that never sagged or tipped. The laptop compartment zips closed and can accommodate a 13-inch laptop plus one or two thin documents. Additionally, Perry’s compartment is elevated off the bottom of the bag, in contrast to the Cuyana Tall Structured Leather Zipper Tote’s laptop pocket. You won’t damage your laptop if you happen to drop your bag on the floor by accident.

EaseGave Laptop Bag 15.6 Inch Women Business Laptop Tote

Despite being among the least expensive bags available, the EaseGave Laptop Bag is not without functionality. Compared to other synthetic leather bags in this price range, the laptop tote bag made of top-grain polyurethane leather, or PU leather, was thicker and more resilient. There are two sizes available for the EaseGave: 15.6 inches and 17.3 inches. It has a padded pocket specifically designed to hold a tablet or laptop up to 15 or 17 inches in size. Even though it’s not the safest method, the Velcro band that closes the pocket keeps a laptop from sliding out. Given this device’s budget, it is not shocking that the EaseGave’s interior is scratchy and feels like cheap polyester.

LeSportsac Everyday Zip Tote

The LeSportsac Everyday Zip Tote is so ideal for everyday use that we can’t get enough of it; it’s great for everything from going to the office to stocking up at the farmer’s market. It can accommodate a 13-inch laptop with ease, and its top expands to provide an additional 2 inches of vertical space—especially useful if, like us, you’re constantly carrying about an XL water bottle. We advise looking for other options if you’re seeking a stylish leather (or vegan leather) solution.

Rains Messenger Bag

We suggest the Rains messenger bag as a sturdy and convenient laptop bag. The bag, which comes in tonal taupe or all black, fits a laptop and other thin goods that you need to bring to work with you, such as folders, tablets, and notebooks. Don’t let the design deceive you, though; there’s still plenty of room for additional goods, like food and chargers, pen cases, and beauty bags. The internal pockets, carabiner buckle closing, and zipped top ensure that your belongings remain safe and secure. The best thing is that this messenger bag’s polyester shell is waterproof and incredibly easy to clean, meaning it will look brand new for a very long time.

For those who work away from home, a work bag is necessary. A sturdy, fashionable work bag is essential, whether you’re running to the neighborhood coffee shop for a change of pace or making the long drive into the city to sit at your desk. Take a look at these 13 incredible work bags; owning a multipurpose, fashionable bag is the greatest convenience ever.