13 Best Hairsprays for Fine Hair That Actually Work

The most recent versions maintain hair untouched and looking entirely touchable—even if your hair is fine and frequently weighs down with hair products.

 If you use the wrong product, your fine hair could fall flat.  However, the correct one will provide a firm (yet incredibly pleasant) grip that will help control frizz, flyaways, and baby hairs while holding your style in place. We completely understand your issue, which is why we think that this list of 13 best hairsprays for fine hair can be a game changer to your hair.

BOLDIFY Hair Thickening Spray

Boldify’s Hair Thickening Spray is enriched with sea kelp extract, algae, and Epsom salt, making it ideal for both men and women with fine or thin hair. Hair for fine hair does not become sticky or dry after using hairspray, nor does it weigh the hair down. It produces astonishingly thick, voluminous hair in just 60 seconds. It also washes off easily, so you won’t have to worry about crud getting into your hair. It can be blow-dried for more lift and volume or air-dried for a more organic texture and definition. It’s on a pricier side so you might have to consider your budget before buying it, but overall, this is one of the best holding hairsprays for fine hair.

COLOR WOW Dream Coat Supernatural Spray

The COLOR WOW Dream Coat Supernatural Spray is ideal for fine hair because it contains glycerin, calendula extract, and chamomile extract, which all work together to nourish dry hair, stop split ends, stimulate hair follicles, brighten sun-faded hair, bring back your hair’s natural vibrancy, and make your hair luscious and strong. Its lightweight formula, which is inspired by textile technology, leaves your hair silky and frizz-free. It lasts for three to four shampoos and is appropriate for all hair types. However, bleached hair may not respond well to it.

Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Boost Volumizing Spray

Paul Mitchell’s Extra-Body Boost Root Lifter works like a charm to deliver controlled volume. As the name implies, it works best as the best volumizing hairspray for fine hair and is intended to be applied at the roots for that much-needed boost of volume. The gluten-free and vegan hairspray leaves a seductive hint of water fruit aroma behind and is designed to be used on damp hair that has been towel-dried. We advise using the product sparingly and rinsing it out the following day because applying too much could make your hair feel oily. This hairspray doesn’t provide a lot of volume to the hair generally, in contrast to the majority of the products on this list.

Sea Salt Spray for Hair Men & Women

If you’ve always wanted to create a statement but are having trouble pulling it off, Beauty by Earth’s Sea Salt & Texturizing Spray is a must-have. It smells like perfectly tousled beach waves. Suitable for all hair types, including fine, wavy, curly, and straight hair, this hairspray is suitable for both men and women. This drugstore hairspray is perfect for fine hair because it comes in two delightful scents: Ocean Waves-Tropical Coconut and Citrus Breeze. To achieve the desired locks with a light hold, simply apply it to damp or dry hair and scrunch it up. Additionally, it gives you gorgeously textured hair and prevents frizz caused by humidity, all thanks to ingredients like vodka, Japanese green tea, and aloe vera.

TRESemmé TRES Two Spray Extra Hold

This low-cost alternative is the greatest hairspray if you want to maximize every dollar because it comes in an absurdly large bottle. We cherished the fact that the hair was incredibly soft and touchable the entire day during testing. It felt quite light as it dried and prevented extremely fine hair from seeming flat. But in terms of volume, it was very meh. Although it marginally plumped up the strands, we wouldn’t use this one if volume was the primary concern. Overall, because it truly blends into the hair, this choice is excellent for humid days when you want touchable hair free of frizz and flyaways. Just be aware that it has a strong aroma and isn’t the best for volumizing.

Nexxus Ultra Fine Hairspray

This light hairspray can hold hair in place without adding too much weight when needed. Although the nozzle of the small can is more difficult to press than that of any other hairspray we tried, it is nonetheless straightforward to use. You’ll need to move quickly to avoid oversaturating any one area because it sends out a definite spray. This lightweight hairspray leaves a matte finish with some hold when sprayed evenly. It’s ideal for reducing frizz and flyaways or keeping curls and waves in place without sacrificing feel because of its gentle grip. This amazing hairspray is no doubt one of the best hairsprays for humidity.

Living Proof Control Hairspray

Despite being slimmer than other hairsprays, this one is a pleasure to use thanks to its velvety matte feel. Although it can be a bit difficult to press, the nozzle emits a wide, even mist. Additionally, it offered a tiny volume lift to hair when applied straight at the roots. While it’s insufficient to maintain an updo, it does manage frizz and keep hair looking put together for extended periods of time. It is also a wonderful choice for heat styling because it can withstand temperatures up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. Even after drying, hair is still touchable, albeit not as soft as it once was.

L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Hairspray

This is the hairspray for you if you value a stronghold. The amount of product you apply (and how much movement you want to keep) will determine how much hold you obtain. Users noted that a few light sprays reduced frizz and held hair in place; a more liberal application is strong enough to retain hair in even the most demanding situations, such as dancing at a wedding, provided you don’t mind your hair getting a little crunchy. Customers noted that this hairspray generally lived up to its claims of being simple to brush out and resistant to humidity. Overall, if you don’t mind losing touchability and movement, this is the greatest hairspray for serious hold.

Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Medium Hold

Have a look at Moroccanoil’s alternative if you want tremendous shine. Numerous customers reported that it prevented frizz and all other common flyways. Although most situations requiring style maintenance might be handled with this hairspray, it’s definitely not strong enough for instances requiring a more firm hold. The gloss that this hairspray leaves behind is its most remarkable quality. We strongly advise you to purchase this hairspray whenever you want your hair to remain sleek and in place without sacrificing flexibility.

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Dryspun Volume Texture Spray

In certain cases, adding texture to hair is sufficient to give it more volume, hold, and body. Users reported that our hair remained crunch-free and soft to the touch even with the added texture. It doesn’t hold on its own very well, so as the day goes on, your hair may start to fall out of style. It worked well, though, when combined with other hairsprays for a little more control. This made it an excellent choice for “dirtying up” recently washed hair for messy styles or updos, or for finishing a look when used in conjunction with strong-hold hairsprays.

Moo and Yoo hairspray

This hairspray is innovative right from the start because it comes in a distinctive glass bottle with lovely packaging that gives it an aura of luxury.  The primary components of the sprays, Icelandic moss and marula oil, give our curls a firm hold and act fast to eliminate frizz. It is necessary to shake the spray bottle before using it because it contains only natural chemicals. We had little trouble getting rid of the spray the next day, leaving our hair looking bright and undamaged. A great natural hairspray for curly hair, which also has a nice lingering scent to it.

TIGI bed head full of it volume finishing spray

Admire the voluptuous style? Your hair will stay in place for days with this hairspray. Not only is TIGI’s non-sticky hairspray one of the most affordable options, but it also retains volume the best. The spray is designed with adhesive capabilities that make strong bonds between hair fibers and features hold-boosting and style-locking technologies. It is by far one of the best volume hair sprays as it’s mastered in maintaining the same bouncy style of our blow-dry throughout the day. The hairspray will last months and is simple to clean out the next day.

Alterna my hair my canvas city slay hairspray

This jasmine-scented vegan hairspray offered our hairstyle a flexible grip without being overly rigid. We adored how you could style and add more to increase the hold’s stiffness. It was a light spray that quickly dried on our hair without being sticky because it contained white charcoal. It works best when applied on a very hot day because it doesn’t frizz in the humidity. In addition to being cruelty-free and environmentally safe, the spray offers heat protection up to 232C, making it an excellent choice if you use it before style. 

Having nice hair is a flex for everyone, regardless of identity. We suggest using the best hairspray for fine hair to get that crowning glory since it will give the styled hair a dreamy, lustrous shine and add volume and bounce to flat, lifeless hair. Check the 13 hairsprays above if you wish to send “Bad-Hair-Day” farewell forever.